Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Gear Requirements - Cross Country Skiing

Sue poses above, at the Champlain Lookout, in all the gear needed for an amiable cross country ski. Her technical kit comprises skis, bindings, shoes and poles. That's all you need, and they can be purchased for around £200, so it's not an expensive sport. There's a fee of about £8 a day, or £65 for the season, to ski on the Gatineau Park trails.

Here's a site that provides lots of information and links. I'm sure summitboy can provide many more helpful links. (Hint!)

My own gear, apart from the technical stuff, is shown in a somewhat less flattering pose, below.

Moving clockwise from the easily identifiable notepad and pen, we have:

  • Lowe Alpine liner gloves
  • Neck warmer (could use a scarf)
  • Long blue socks (alternatively wear short socks and PacLite trousers on a cold day, otherwise short socks are adequate)
  • Rohan briefs
  • M&S long johns
  • Lowe Alpine Mountain Cap (thanks, Phil)
  • Handkerchief
  • MEC long pants (outer layer)
  • Canon G10 camera in CCS case
  • MEC bum bag, for lunch, flask, first aid kit, whistle, etc
  • Long-sleeved silk vest
  • Map of ski trails
  • Long-sleeved technical t-shirt
  • RAB Vapour Rise smock (ideal piece of kit)
  • Regatta gloves (red)
  • Ziplock bag containing ski waxing kit
  • Meat thermometer (it also measures air temperature!)

Hiding somewhere is a Suunto Altimax watch.

On really cold days the bum bag has been replaced by a small day rucksack, as we've felt it wise to carry down jackets in case of an accident, and whilst in previous years the bum bag has been used exclusively, the rucksack has been employed more frequently this year, even on warmer days - there's been no real need to transfer between the equally comfortable containers.

Lunch is a fairly standard package, comprising a flask of tea (for two), a cheese and ham sandwich buttered on the outside and wrapped in foil so that it can be toasted on a cabin stove, an orange or banana, christmas cake and cheddar (or similar) and a portion of home-made GORP. I must remember to photograph that lot!

There's no rain to worry about, and most people just use a bum bag, even for long days out, unless they are training for the ski marathon. Despite the sub zero weather, we probably carry somewhat less than we would on a day walk in the UK at this time of year.

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