Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Monday, 16 February 2009

New Shoes

1601park This is possibly our final 'Canadian' post for this year, subject to occasional contributions from Summitboy, our Ottawa correspondent.  It shows Sue, exactly a week ago, on a final stroll around 'Woodroffe Park' before we embarked on a smooth journey back to the warm green gloom of Timperley.

The week's blogging efforts all went into the previous post, which is intended as a resource for anyone wondering about what the CSM is like to take part in.

Last time we left Canada, two years ago, I made the impulse purchase of a new pair of shoes at the airport.  I'd been admiring the very light footwear during the course of our visit, and I hadn't seen it in the UK.  Ideal for river crossings, I thought.  There was, at Ottawa airport, a choice of one colour.  Orange.  That's how I came to acquire the orange crocs that feature in my 'profile' photo with the Phreerunner tent.

This year we eschewed the snowshoeing tracks, partly due to the minor hassle of hiring snowshoes.  It would be good to do a bit of snowshoeing without having to resort to hire shops.

Bushtukah, and some money that I didn't have but was nevertheless burning a hole in my pocket, provided the solution.1602sueshoes  1603martinshoes
New shoes!  Very smart!  Sue's laces are particularly striking...

We brought them home, with the vague intention of using them in Scotland.  It seems they are similar dimensions to those being debated on Chris Townsend's pages (6 February 2009), so they may be too small to deal well with deep, fresh snow.  But we hope they may work where the snow has consolidated a bit, and we know they will perform well when they return to Canada.

They may also come in handy for our forthcoming visit to the TGO Challenge High Altitude Training Camp.


David Albon said...

Those look like some nifty snowshoes Martin! What make? Have you tried them out over here since your return from Canuckland?

Phreerunner said...

Hi David
They are Atlas Electra 823, mens and womens respectively - $Can 130 each - ie around £80. Seemed like a good buy (actually an imulse buy, to be truthful) as we go to Canada most years and would like to be able to go snowshoeing without having to do it via the hire shop. There has been absolutely no snow here in Timperley but we have some Scottish trips coming up and hope to use them there. We will also be using them at the TGO Challenge High Altitude Training Camp.