Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Tuesday 23 June 2009 - Snowstorm on the Porta Vescovo Ridge

Today started fine, with eight of us happily finding our way onto the Porta Vescovo ridge above the 2200 metre Pordoi Pass.

The ridge is very much like a Scottish traverse. Unlike many Alpine ridges, you can stroll along its crest. A little scrambling is required. At 2600 metres, the summit is relatively low, but it affords fine views towards Marmolada - at 3300 metres the highest peak around - with worms of ascendeurs dotted about its huge glaciers.

King of the Alps (a sort of dwarf forgetmenot) was abundant on the ridge, as were the spring gentians pictured as foreground for the view towards the Sassolunga Massif shown above. There were views like this in every direction.

It was, however, cool. Gloves were needed. In the rifugio, hot chocolate took precedence over beer. After lunch the likeness to a Scottish ridge increased. The cloud lowered. It snowed.

We enjoyed the walk, though. The sauna, steam room and hydro-massage bath (did I mention that all our rooms have 'jacuzzis'?) soon warmed us.

The food here is pretty good, with unlimited chianti tonight to wash down the 'melt in the mouth' beef. The vegetarians got Frascati, but mostly supped the chianti. Fair enough I suppose...

Thanks for your comments / messages of envy. It would have been great to have you all along. You would enjoy it here...

...on last year's TGO Challenge we walked for a day with Susan and Roy, from Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA. We swapped email addresses and they have followed our trip plans on Susan is here, very much enjoying her week long trip, and looking forward to her first 'Via Ferrata' tomorrow.

That could have been you!

Meanwhile, Sue has a sore shoulder, and has borrowed a couple of bottles of chianti to supplement the vallium. She plans to while away the morrow in the sauna with said 'medicine' whilst I go for a walk. I wonder who gave her that idea?


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Anonymous said...

Since you are probably not checking your email I HAD to send you a note to let you know that our team tied for the SILVER medal in the CSM. Yay! Hope you are enjoying the extra snow :-)

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have been me - I'm supposed to be at work, but instead am at home nursing another post-operative infection.
And I am jealous!
But - I am at least enjoying the dolomites vicariously thanks to your posts.
Keep up the good work!
Hope the rest of your stay is as enviable as the first part has been.

Gayle said...

"There were views like this in every direction."

Not jealous at all. Oh no. I'd much rather be sitting in this airless clamy office with my current view (mainly of partitions) which extends a whole eight feet in front of me and three feet behind me...


Alan Sloman said...

Chianti Classico, Pain Killers and a nice hot sauna.

What a wonderful life... Is there male hut totty on hand for Sue as well?

Beats all this hilliness silliness and snow and gloves nonsense!