Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wednesday 24 June 2009 - A Grand Day Out

Today the dynamic quintet - Susan, Jenny, Mike, Gary and me (well, some may be dynamic?) - set off to practice their skills on a popular 'beginner's via ferrata route.

We followed a veteran car to the start at Passo Gardena - pictured above, looking east towards Corvara, before heading up the easy climb. Very enjoyable, if a bit short.

The weather was warm, and the suntan cream reserves took a fair pasting. We lunched above Jimmy's - a rifugio that has yet to open for the season - then headed along the Alta Via 2 (AV2) high level walking route towards the Puez Rifugio we visited on Monday. The mountain scenery hereabouts is stupendous - a high level limestone plateau sprinkled with lakes and peaklets.

There were few folk about and the area had a remote feel to it. A couple of German ladies were on their way from Innsbruck to Belluno in two weeks. Mike and Jenny pointed them towards the AV2 snowman they had just built.

Our route swung down towards Colfosco before wending its way through pleasant forest, back to Passo Gardena by soon after 5pm - quite a long day out.

Meanwhile 'The Four Cripples' had got bored with waiting in the sauna in a bid to ambush a Slow Man (or any other sauna totty), and had pottered about on the paths around Piz Boe, trying to identify wild flowers. "We found a gentian that's not in the book" they announced.

It was a lily!

Wednesday is a traditional 'rest day' for all Collett's staff and activities, so we were obliged to take a break from four course meals with unlimited wine. Beer and pizza went down well, and there shouldn't be so many headaches tomorrow.

Thanks again for your comments, and apologies to those with 'post-op' or work issues that prevent their attendance. (I can actually vouch for the excellence of this place when it comes to certain 'post-op therapy'.) We are impressed with the silver CSM medal, Helen - perhaps there were only three mixed teams competing?

To the other three members of 'The Famous Five' - don't worry, we have your messages and the bothy, the glider and the luggage will all be fine!

That's all I can manage for now.

"Whoopee!" went the cry!


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Anonymous said...

Well actually there were four teams!!

John J said...

I'm still very post-operatively jealous - but making headway in getting fit thus: a.m.: Swim, p.m: Gym, later p.m.: beer (in the interests of muscular relaxation you understand).

Your photos are stunning - keep 'em coming!