Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Monday, 27 July 2009

Friday 24 July 2009 - Kate and Simon get Married

The Big Day finally arrived.

"Take Deep Breaths" exclaimed the hotel receptionist, as Kate faltered on the brink, in the lobby of Hey Green Hotel, in Marsden.

She got through that difficult moment, from when everything, so far as I am aware, went smoothly thanks to Kate's meticulous preparation, though she was a little surprised when her mum made a short, unexpected (by Kate) and eloquent contribution amongst the speeches.

What with family visits, recovery time and other distractions, the wedding activity seems to have absorbed the whole weekend.  No bad thing, I suppose, especially as yesterday was a little damp outside.

Thousands of pictures were probably taken.  Here's a small selection for which Sue is responsible.  (I was in no state to hold a camera.)

After the ceremony - the new Mr and Mrs Milnes signed the book.


Then it was out into the garden, where the sun had wisely sent the rain packing for the afternoon.


The happy couple posed with everyone, including the Flower Girls and other younger elements of the party.


The Chief Usher (Tommy, on the right), kept his assistant (Mike, on Kate's right) under close supervision at all times.


Dad was very proud.


The cakes were cut, and eaten.  [More about them in future postings, following requests for the recipes.]


Bernard, Kate's new father-in-law, presented her with the obligatory team shirt.  All Milnes's are very competitive, and this newcomer will fit in very well with that trait.


Thanks to Sue for taking the photos, and even managing to get one of us. (Obviously, Kate has lots more photos - those on this posting are just a 'taster'!)


Happy Days....


whitespider1066 said...

Martin, I hope you are dressing like that for next years TGOC.

MartinB said...

Just as long as George doesn't get hold of it....I should be ok in these - haven't tested them for waterproofing, but they are nice and warm - much more suitable than that Paramo rubbish, I suspect, Darren...

Alan Sloman said...

A pretty good day by all accounts Martin. They look wonderfully happy. You two look very dapper too!

MartinB said...

It was excellent, Alan. I hope your imminent experience of getting a youth off your hands goes just as well.

John J said...

Hmmm, chocolate cake, yummy!

Lovely photographs of a lovely day.