Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Monday, 10 August 2009

Wednesday 5 August 2009 - An Edale Circuit

My companions for today's walk were brother and sister, Steve and Viv, stalwarts of the TGO Challenge, and Long Distance Walkers extraordinaire. They are training for next month's 56 mile Bullock Smithy Hike, and are plotting to complete their 5th hundred miler in May next year. Today they had me to hold them back, and were surprised how long it took (just over 8 hours) to complete the 27 km route.

It's just an hour in summer traffic, from Timperley to a convenient layby at the foot of Rushup Edge. So soon after 9 am we were dashing up that Edge, heading in the direction of Mam Tor and Lose Hill, which is pictured above, behind Steve's left ear.

The weather was disappointing, Heather (the weather) having informed us on breakfast TV that today would be one of blue skies. The reality was a uniform greyness, with occasional mizzle, until the sun finally crept out in mid-afternoon.

Our route took us over Mam Tor and Lose Hill, past many others enjoying the popular Peak District haunts - pensioners, ramblers, families with young children, as well as groups of jolly teenagers - all and sundry, in fact.

A descent to Hope found us crossing a saggy railway bridge before ascending past Twitchill Farm to the 462 metre summit of Win Hill, where I demonstrated to Steve and Viv 'how the other half live'. They showed signs of jealousy as they tucked into jam butties whilst mocking my smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich.

Here they are, heading off Win Hill, in the direction of Lose Hill and Edale.

It's a pleasant tramp along an easy ridge with good views, to Hope Cross, where I posed beside this ancient guide post on the route linking Hope with Glossop.

A few metres further, and we turned left down the bridleway to cross Jaggers Clough, with good views towards Lose Hill, Mam Tor and Lord's Seat.

We stopped for afternoon tea just beyond the Clough, with its usual complement of polite mountain bikers (it's an excellent MTB trail). The Pacerpole camera attachment again did its stuff. I'm glad I bought that item.

It's a delightful path that leads past the Youth Hostel and a variety of picturesque holiday cottages, emerging at this famous establishment, The Old Nags Head - opened in 1577, from which many an aspirant Pennine Way walker has stumbled, over the years.

Heading along the Pennine Way route to Upper Booth, the sun finally appeared, and as we strolled along thin paths to the south, heading directly for the upper reaches of Chapel Gate, the views back down the Vale of Edale became noticeably brighter.

By soon after 5 pm we had joined the Chapel Gate track, passed the time with some other (rather muddier from the bogs leading from Brown Knoll) walkers, and strolled back down the rocky sunken path to the layby below Rushup Edge.

An excellent day out, followed by an easy drive home.

Here's an overview of the route - 27 km, 1150 metres ascent, taking around 8 hours including an hour of breaks.


Louise said...

Must be twenty years since I was last in Hope! Looks like a great walk, even with the weather. The welsh outing looked fun too.

School starts next week, thank goodness. I'll be out and about again, yipee!

Phreerunner said...

The weather was good, Louise, just let down by the Beeb who said it would be better.
We may go back soon, to do the Edale skyline walk, which from Win Hill stays high and traverses around Edale Moor and Edale Head rather than dropping into the village.
The schools are only recently out, here!
Have fun.

ashbourne bed and breakfast said...

Lose Hill is a lovely area and a great place for long distance walking. Some of your stopping points looked very interesting. Might have to have a go soon.