Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Monday, 28 December 2009

Boxing Day – Crampons in Timperley

“I’ll just pop out for the paper” announced mother.

I looked out of the window to see pedestrians negotiating our pavement in the manner of novice skaters at the Silver Blades ice rink.  Except that the fence at the rink is higher than the walls down our road, and it doesn’t have gaps for driveways.


Mother was not permitted, on this occasion, to go through with her death wish.  I would fetch the paper.

This required Special Equipment.  I’m not sure whether the people in the Spar shop appreciated the spikes, but these crampons are rather less aggressive than those used four days earlier (report to follow).  They were however, in truth, more necessary today.

A day for crampons

There were very few people about from whom to gain admiring looks, but it should be evident from these pictures that today, for one day only, the most appropriate footwear for the streets of Timperley, flat though they may be, was crampons!  A first.

The ice rink


Gayle said...

After describing yesterday's conditions on Cannock Chase to my sister she commented that at least we had had the opportunity to test out our Christmas presents.

Realising that she meant the Microspikes, I told her that we hadn't taken them with us. She couldn't understand why - but not for one second did it occur to me that conditions on the Chase would be ideal for their first outing.

Much skating was done.

John J said...

I was in Dunham Park on Boxing Day, I think I was the only one NOT sliding about...because I wore crampons. I got some funny looks - but I stayed vertical.

Today I'm going for a walk (without crampons!) around Ringway / River Bollin. I'll probably need wellies for the mud!


Trekking Britain said...

Ha Ha brilliant! Our road is still like that too and I've contemplated wearing my crampons a few times in the last week. I wish I'd seen you going to Spar though!

Phreerunner said...

Nice one JJ. You should have called, you'd have enticed me out!
I'm sure you didn't need wellies!

What are Microspikes, Gayle?

Jamie, I wouldn't have worn the Grivel crampons in Spar; the 30+ year old 'walker's' (as opposed to climber's) crampons were ideal for those icy street conditions so they received a rare outing!

Gayle said...

Kahtoola Microspikes - like car chains, but for your feet!

Phreerunner said...

Ah, Kahtoolas - I've seen them in use - they are the modern equivalent of my old walker's crampons I think, but perhaps not so good on very steep ground.
Enjoy them. Go to Wales!