Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Peebles to Moffat – it’s all over now, and Good News on the Hand front

The view from my tent around sunset on Day 2, near the Megget Stone
Alan’s hand will be OK.  See here for news from Peewiglet (Shirley) on that front.  You’ll need to click on the individual headings.

There’s little to add to my own entries, except that most people did about 56km (35 miles) and 2200 metres of ascent over the course of the two and a half day trip.

To view my postings click here and scroll to the bottom of the postings to start at the earliest entries….but first:

Some code names have been used that may puzzle those unfamiliar with W E Bowman’s account of ‘The Ascent of Rum Doodle’ – a fictional account of the ascent of a mountain higher than Everest.

‘Binder’ – already used by Alan Sloman over on his blog, is the leader (a figure of fun)
’Jungle’ – Peewiglet already has this nickname – is the route finder (who is always lost)
’Prone’ is the doctor (who is always ill)
’Burley’ is the crack mountaineer and strong man (who always suffers from Lassitude)
’Medical Supplies’ = champagne

A slide show of my pictures and a few of JJ’s is here.  There are none of the gory hand as photography wasn’t appropriate at the time of the accident – Shirley’s blog contains a gruesome image taken later.

Mike’s blog, Northern Pies, has a report in his usual entertaining style:
Day 0  Day 1  Day 2  Day 3

Tony’s blog, Pennine Ranger, also has an excellent report here.

I think that’s all, for now.  I’m off to replenish my first aid kit, which was totally inadequate for Alan’s injury.  Luckily, others were better equipped.


Tony Bennett said...

Nice set of pics Martin. Brings it all back and what a fine adventure (apart from the bit at the end). I'll second your comments about inadequate first aid kits - mine comprises band-aid, savlon cream and ibuprofen I think. I've just booked myself on a 3 day first aid course in November - been meaning to do it for years! See you on the Challenge with a bit of luck, if not before. Tony

John J said...

I think we're ALL going to replenish our first-aid kits after Monday's to-do! It rather concentrates the mind when accidents like that occur.


Anonymous said...

Howdy, Martin :)

Many thanks indeed for blogging the whole thing as we went along. I've read them all now, and they really brought the whole thing back and a smile to my face. Great piccies too!

Ditto re: first aid kits, btw. I used to be very careful to carry a very good one, but latterly I've been extremely lax. No more: that's for sure. Plus I'll be carrying wire cutters, of course...

GeoffC said...

No problem posting here Martin, all shipshape. Another enjoyable account of an eventful trek.

I also posted on the forum about a variant of this route instead of the Peebles circular I had in mind, however I just played with the Traveline Journey Planner and the buses from Moffatt to Peebles are pretty horrendous: 2H 47M with 2 changes at nondescript locations and it takes me nearly into Edinburgh. I'll have to think of something else!.

Phreerunner said...

Thanks for those comments.
We were very lucky, Geoff, to have transport from Moffat to Peebles, though we did originally plan to walk back by a more southerly route - the ridge featuring Andrewhinney Hill, Tibbie Shiels and the SUW. I think I might quite enjoy the bus journey - it would be very scenic - but I suspect you have tighter time constraints than I have the good fortune to enjoy.