Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Peebles to Moffat - Setting Off

We arrived shortly before 6pm, here at NT 247 318, a small grassy oasis at 520 metres surrounded by heathery lumps. A burbling stream breaks the silence, at least when the faint sound of chatter and the breaking of wind from nearby tents subsides.

We had assembled in Moffat, and again at the Bridge Inn in Peebles. Some had arrived nearly a day early! Others were late.

Baguette heaven offered sustenance for two, before our 2pm departure.

HMP3, veteran of nine TGO Challenges, was there to wave us off, before having to return to edit his love child, Big Jugs Weekly.

A vicar turned up to bless the congregation and pour consoles over various ailing knees. This fine fellow even joined us for an hour before hugging everyone and skipping off like Eric Morecambe.

That left nine heavily laden backpackers trudging up Glensax on a sunny Saturday afternoon:

The Pie Man of Crook Town
JJ Mk2
Binder (aka Alan S) and Jungle
Piglet (Jungle's pooch)
Tony (Pennine Ranger) and Christine
The Pope (aka Another Mike)
And myself (Phreerunner)

We covered around 11km in 4 hours and rose a good 450 metres before reaching this spot, where our seven tents seem to fit quite cosily on the slope. There were a few minor obstacles en route, namely the repeated crossing of the same stream. Jungle and Piglet eventually got the hang of it!

My wild camping is usually solo or with Sue, so it was strange to be in such a big group.

We all enjoyed large meals of dried provisions and medicine. Then it went dark so we settled down for a long night on the heathery lumps of Glensax.

Ho ho. What fun! There are five UK outdoors blogger amongst us - I wonder what the others are saying...

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Martin Rye said...

I hope it rains :)

Sir Hugh said...

I've just had a look at your grid ref. on Memory Map and am surprised you could post from there - it looks a bit wild.

Martin Rye should be called Martin Wry?

As they say in France - Bonne continuation!

Martin Rye said...

Sir Hugh I would always wish them luck. But in English. Rye is so easy to say. Honest no renaming needed.