Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

TGO Challenge 2011 – A Route is Born, and a Strange Tram Experience

Finishing the 2010 TGO Challenge on the beach north of Montrose ‘Poor Michael’ and I have a route.  There’s a low level option – 339km (212 miles) with 7875 metres ascent.  However the preferred route leads over a few summits and is slightly more demanding.

Oban > Bridge of Orchy > Bridge of Gaur > Dalwhinnie > Ballater > North Water Bridge > a beach near St Cyrus, is the gist of the route, at the end of which I hope a good companion will stand in for the very wobbly walking pole from which the above picture was taken at the end of last year’s effort.

Comments from an (as yet unnamed) esteemed vetter are awaited.

A Strange Tram Experience

I joined Sue and Jenny for a pizza in town tonight, after which they were going to the ballet.  I’d just not felt like cooking for myself, but I was dismayed, on leaving the restaurant, to discover that my route home, past Old Trafford, coincided with a rush of supporters intent on watching a Man Utd football match.  I squeezed onto a tram at Market Street.  It was full of supporters, but calm, chatty, and not at all intimidating.  I must have looked a bit frail.  For the first time in my life someone stood up and offered their seat.  I politely declined and moved towards an empty seat further up the carriage.  Someone else stood up and offered their seat.  '”It’s ok, thanks”, I found the empty seat.  This group of supporters were actually better travel companions than the pushy commuters I used to have to contend with (I was one of them, I don’t deny that).  On reaching Old Trafford, nearly everyone got off.  Unlike commuters, they paused when they reached my seat to enable me to leave before them – I had to explain that I wasn’t going to the match.  All very courteous.  Should I be surprised?  Perhaps not.


Nick said...

Hi Martin,

Looks like you're you equipped with twin halogen spotlights for a nocturnal crossing. Is that a requirement for the Challenge these days?


Phreerunner said...

Ha, does look a bit odd, doesn't it. It was just about to rain, and perhaps the flash went off. And after an unplanned extension to 43km I was keen to dash off to Montrose to celebrate. Perhaps I can use the red-eye tool to adjust the image for the yet to be complied slideshow!
Happy New Year BTW.