Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Dales High Way - Day 5 - Giggleswick to Chapel-le-Dale

24km, 800 metres ascent, 6.7hrs incl stops.
Weather: heavily overcast, with a light shower in the afternoon.

We decided to start from R+J's house in Giggleswick, rather than return to Stainforth by car. This enabled Roger and me to enjoy the riverside path to Stainforth Force, before heading off below Smearset Scar to reach the excellent tea shop at Feizor. Andrew, Jacky and Gary had already reached that fleshpot, as they had chosen a more direct route via Giggleswick Scar. Three other Dales High Way walkers were encountered - the first of the trip, and the reason why we couldn't get a room at the Hill Inn tonight.

A delightful route, despite the dour weather, led through Wharfe and past Wash Dub (an old sheep dip site) to Crummack, and on to join the Three Peaks route above Sulber Nick.

We lunched here and saw a runner, the first of many folk we assumed were taking in Ingleborough, Whernside and Pen-y-ghent in a day.

The good path then delivered us past Simon Fell to the summit of Ingleborough, just a few metres below the cloud base. It was cool, but we took time to explore both the ancient hill-fort site and the derelict remains of a Hospice tower, built and demolished in 1830.

It started to rain. In light cloud we descended the slippery steps down towards Chapel-le-Dale and the Hill Inn. Numerous '3 Peaks' walkers were met en route, as well as a minibus full of cavers returning from Great Douk Cave or one of the many other local caves and potholes.

The rain stopped and we finished our day in brighter weather before adjourning to the Hill and its display of sugary creations. Then we returned to Giggleswick. This evening we paid a meat eating visit to the nearby Craven Arms, where everyone was eventually satisfied. It's quite a posh place, but not really set up for vegetarians, as demonstated by Gary "I may be small, but this portion wouldn't satisfy a midget half my size!"

I neglected to take any photos with the phone until on the walk home tonight, when the sunset (pictured, with sheep) was rather colourful though I failed to capture the whistling swifts on camera...

Giggleswick is a lovely village dominated by its public school for 400 pupils. It has pleasant streets with old properties like those also shown above.

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Gary said...

Hi Martin & Andrew, Thanks for a very enjoyable couple of days. The fantastic hospitality from Roger and Jacky totally unexpected and very welcome. Weather back here in Lincolnshire is very pleasant - hope it's the same where you are! Let me know if you are able to offer your help on Jenny's 3 peaks challenge on 25th June. It turns out that I'm in Youlgreave that weekend. Anyway will see you again in the not too distant future. Cheers Gary - PS Have you spotted any underfed vegetarian midgets today?

Chris Grogan said...

Hi there

I've just found your blog. It's great to read about your trip - sounds like you're having fun.

Can we post your blog on the Dales High Way website? We're building up a little collection.

Don't get lost.

Anonymous said...

A pity the portion size at the Craven Arms did not satisfy Gary's appetite; I usually find their veggie food more than ample and pretty tasty for the price! Will be eating there this Sunday so will see what I get this time. Meanwhile enjoy the walk and hope weather does not get TOO wet although looking pretty black tonight. Am amazed at how much you have fitted in since the challenge. Better not show your blog to Stu or he will be v.jealous, he's back working in London at mo, a bit different to being up the In Pin just over a week ago!! Take care H.T-S.