Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Friday, 1 July 2011

Vernante (1)

Here's Sue, at lunch time, looking down towards Vernante from near Rocca Baila at around 1500 metres, with the Maritime Alps sheathed in a haze in the distance.

Susan has popped back to Tende to recover a misplaced jacket, so it's just as well that we chose the 8 minute train journey to Vernante today, rather than the longer trip around to Terme di Valdieri. Besides, Vernante is a lovely place to stay.

Comments: I'll now be replying to comments on this trip by way of the following posting rather than by further comments, as signing on in Google etc is just too much of a faff. In that context, thank you Gillian for your good wishes - Sue now wishes she had read your book more carefully before we set off (re transport, accommodation, etc) - we are already having a little adventure by way of an experimental route - as you may gather from the guess at our location (more of that later).

Alan, you are absolutely correct, the message to those having problems viewing this blog should be "please update your browser to the latest version - eg Internet Explorer 8 or 9, or Firefox 4 or 5 - and that should solve your problem - a Google search 'how to update browser' will no doubt reveal how to do it if it isn't already obvious".

Now then, let's get back to that wonderful view towards the high mountains that are our destination on this trip!

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