Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Monday, 21 November 2011

A Dream

Mick is at the tiller.

Sue is leaning forward at the bow, sunning herself.

Gayle is booming commands from the bridge.

I'm rowing!?

Surely not....

...till next time, Madeira...


Alan R said...

Good set of posts Martin. If you havn't already done it, put Boca do Risco on the agenda for next time.
A worthy day out.

Photo looks a lovely way to journey back but will it manage the Bridgewater?

Alan Sloman said...

Could you pop over to Italy for your next trip? I quite fancy hearing some first hand reports of the Apennines. If you could take Gayle, it would be good - I'll use her as my Vertigo Indicator. Good idea to take Sue too - she can comment on the bars & cafes.

Take Mick for the beauty tips.

Phreerunner said...


We hope M+G won't be put off by their unexpected holiday extension due to their boat capsizing. Luckily, Sue and I got into a watertight inflatable and managed the crossing...

It's many years since my last visit to the Apennines, so a visit is planned, but perhaps not until further into my dotage. However, a good friend of ours has been their quite recently, and has written some helpful notes. Gillian doesn't do vertigo, but she does do bars, cafes, restaurants, etc. She doesn't do wild camping so you'd have to work that out for yourself. Let me know if you have any specific queries and I'll put you directly in touch with Gillian.

It looks a stunning venue, though for next year we have chosen the E5 route from Verona to Lake Constance, and we will be reporting first hand on that one.

Phreerunner said...

Alan R
Boca do Risco does look good, and would be a 'new corner' of Madeira for us. There are lots of places 'on the list', but these trips tend to be by way of a November escape to somewhere warm rather than adventures with specific walking objectives. So despite having been five times, I've not explored the island very thoroughly at all.

Patrick Vincent said...

I did the E5 in 2007, from Lake Constance to Verona. It took 5 weeks (including rest days) and I did it all on foot (avoiding the buses and cable cars suggested in the book). I carried a tent, but there were limited options for wild camping, especially on the intensively-farmed German side. Lots of nice huts, though.

Phreerunner said...

Thanks Patrick. We won't be taking a tent (Sue is still in her 'bum bag' phase). And as we may have companions who might favour some of the short cuts, we may not be 'purist' with the route, though I'd prefer to be.
We do hope to enjoy a night out with Gillian and Nic before setting off from Verona - that would seem appropriate if they aren't out in the 'field' researching another book.