Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Saturday, 23 June 2012

A Mercy Mission

The Blue Limo

Readers may recall that I spent Wednesday with Gary and Andrew on their meticulously planned C2C walk from St Bees to Reeth.  They had dropped Andrew's car off at Reeth, carefully positioning it in preparation for today's drive back to St Bees to reunite Gary with his own transport.

These best laid plans were foiled when Andrew's top of the range limo (pictured above in its final resting place) expired as it entered Reeth last Saturday.  A shame, as it had 'done good'.

So after a rather slow 5km Parkrun (tired legs!) today I pottered up the A1 to the pretty village of Reeth to empty the Volvo of its dog box and other contents, deliver Neil and Liz - who had walked with A + G today - back to their car in Keld, return Gary to St Bees, and then return Andrew to Deepest Cheshire.

The weather was much better – I was only driving in rain for about 6 hours, but given that the constantly lashing driving rain where we were in Calderdale yesterday was the worst in their living memory, that doesn't mean an awful lot!  I’ve now discovered that they actually did get a month’s rain in a day, and that the puddle we left in the cafe is probably nothing compared with the river that was flowing through it later on in the day.  So we were possibly wise to beat a retreat when we did.  We did notice sandbags being put out as we drove home, not necessarily with any great effect from what we hear on the news.

Incidentally, I’ve known that car about as long as I’ve known Andrew, as it was his last company car at the time we first met, thirsty but durable, and very comfy for many journeys over the years. 

Old Blue Limo – RIP!  Thankfully its thirsty but durable owner is in better health.

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