Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Saturday, 14 July 2012

On Holiday in Bolzano (Day 1)

We awoke to rain, and it has been showery all day. We hope Josh managed ok on his big day to Levico Terme.

After managing until 11am without doing very much at all, we strolled at least ten yards from the hotel to a coffee shop, before braving the elements for a tour of some of the sights of this interesting city.

Eventually we gravitated to the shopper's paradise called 'Sportler', recommended by Gillian, where €30 was removed from my wallet in return for a rather basic replacement compass. I will try to take more care of this one!

Meanwhile, Sue was engaged in a long conversation with her bank, as her debit card was being rejected by ATMs. However, a duff debit card is better than no debit card at all, which is what she found in her wallet (or more accurately didn't find in her wallet) an hour later.

We soon forgave Sportler for the expensive compass when their concerned and courteous staff produced the missing card from one of their tills.

That left us free of worry to explore the excellent Natural History Museum (top picture) before returning through the busy but interesting streets (middle picture) and via a Spar shop for the ingredients for a luxurious supper in our room (more Tour de France - the Brits seem to be doing rather well!), reached via the road across the river (bottom picture) that leads to our current home in Gries - a town known mainly as a health resort, with many hotels, villas, gardens, parks and vineyards, that was incorporated into the city of Bolzano in 1925.

We certainly feel somewhat rested...


Laura - hello, you seem to have sent us your storms!

13 July 2012
4km around Bolzano
Flower of the Day - Dwarf Soapwort (we've seen it quite a lot in the mountains but only identified it today via a picture in the Natural History Museum)

Itinerary -

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