Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Bridge of Gaur to Montrose, not via The Hill of the Soggy Raspberry

A sunny morning in Rannoch encouraged me to go round to Glen Lyon for an easy stroll up Meall nan Subh (hill of the raspberry). But when I got to a point opposite Creag Laoghain (pictured through the window) the car was almost submerged by lashing rain, with water streaming down the mountainsides and rivers in spate.

Did I really want a set of soaking wet gear for the sake of a two hour dunking? Perhaps not. The Bridge of Balgie tea shop provided an ideal refuge to which I retreated. Great food at this place, which also operates as a Post Office, General Store, counselling service, and (obviously) storage depot for TGO Challenge re-supply parcels, as well as providing a resuscitation service on their revival couch. Next week they may find a crazy local to provide a massaging service.

The weather improved as I headed east. Towards the coast the fragrance of the fields of rapeseed penetrated everything. 

The Park Hotel accepted my sixteenth and final parcel, a suitcase - so if the overseas Challengers are welcomed by a man in a dinner jacket in a couple of weeks time you know who to blame!

Alison's yoga is on 'pause' so it was good that she could join me for dinner at the George. Large portions in red hot dishes and very good value. Luckily we dodged the showers. Alison says "Hello Sue, Graham, and any other readers I know". We have enjoyed our annual pre Challenge catch up. 

My gear is now spread around her flat in that critical condition of two piles - one to be left behind, the other to be taken away and returned via Morar.

Isn't that a bit silly?

Sent from Montrose, where the sun shone brightly this afternoon


Anonymous said...

HI Martin.
Have a great trip and hope the weather is good for all the challengers.

Sheila Rayner

Phreerunner said...

Thanks Sheila. Between us we'll do our best to look after your valuable....