Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Montrose to Lochailort

Alison had gone to work by the time I rose to a sunny morning over Montrose bay.

It's a short walk to the railway station at the other side of town, where Hugh and Barbara were waiting for the Aberdeen train for the first stage of the journey to their Shiel Bridge start. A few minutes later I was on the smooth running 9.18 to Glasgow along with John and Norma, and Jacqueline and Anthony. 

A lovely sunny ride to Glasgow had me feeling a bit 'lull before storm' ish.

At Glasgow Queen Street, there was a good send off from Emily, who was looking very happily pregnant, and a reunion with many others including Mike and Marian, Markus, and the indefatigable Tim Wood.

Very green woodland throughout this trip is evidence of the mild Scottish winter at lower altitudes, though higher up there has in places been the most snow for sixty years, or so I'm told. I'm also told that the midges are active; perhaps some insect repellant would have been a good idea. 

Jayme and Tim and others provided good company for the wonderfully scenic five hour journey to Lochailort, where I'm sharing a room at the inn with Graham. 

It was drizzling when we arrived. If the forecast is anything to go by, we'll be happy if it doesn't get much worse. 

We've enjoyed a very jolly evening and now it's time for another good sleep. 

Today's picture was taken from the train window in the vicinity of Spean Bridge.

Sent from Lochailort

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