Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Family on Holiday (again)


Date: 15 August 2014

Place: Center Parcs (Sherwood Forest)

Holidaymakers (L to R): Martin, Kate, Jessica (Jessie-Moo), Oscar, Jacob, Simon and Sue

My diary records:

Drove to Center Parcs after the rush hour on Monday morning, 11 August, arriving around 1.00pm.

Spent the next four days enjoying the facilities from our dog friendly chalet with its own sauna (which the dog didn’t use).


We didn’t go for a pedal on the lake this time, but we did play on the beach.


Lots of games were contested. I managed to lose at table tennis, American pool, ten pin bowling, whist, tennis and much more.

Some of us went for a bike ride in the pool - that was quite interesting, and we enjoyed the rapids and the slides. Jacob took his own bike and used it to complete the junior nature trail.


He also found lots of playgrounds.


Bugs and owls featured highly on his itinerary…


…as did breakfast.


Meanwhile, Jessica, known on this trip as ‘Jessie-Moo’, didn’t need any toys as she was perfectly happy to play with whatever came to hand – in this case a box of nappies.


“She’ll eat anything” said Kate, whose favourite food at the same age was a mouthful of sand. Jessie-Moo found this slice of lemon a tasty (if a bit sharp) challenge.


She persisted until all but the peel had been eaten – she wouldn’t let go. Other food was made available to her but was largely rejected during the ‘lemon challenge’.


Happy Days….

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