Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Monday, 11 August 2014

A Family on Holiday


Date: 14 August 1982

Place: Abereiddy

Holidaymakers (L to R): Robert, Dot, Kate, Martin, John

My diary records:

Drove down to Middle Mill after work on 13 August, arriving 11.30pm.

After a good night’s sleep on a not so rough blanket (I forgot to bring a sheet), we arose and I walked to Solva and back with Kate on a bright, sunny day with a pleasant breeze.

Left Metro at Abereiddy and we all went to Whitesand Bay to commence a coastal walk. R’s bladder in difficulties as usual, and he was also accompanied by a portable stereo cassette unit with expensive looking headset. Dot performed her ‘lost grockle’ act and confused some Americans.

Bright yellows and reds – mainly from gorse and heather.

Lunch at Carreg-yr-afr (or thereabouts). R absent (doing a Laurie)[Laurie is an old friend who was notorious for random disappearances – he was often abandoned in remote spots, but that’s another story]. Kate hungry – ate sand. Seal seen, but lunchtime was converted to a dolphin observation session.

Continued along very pleasant coastal path (Pembrokeshire Coast Path). Kate slept. Buzzed by black and white bird. Reached Abereiddy for ice cream and coffee and biscuits on nice grassy slope by beach. [This must be where the picture was taken.] Kate cheered up and ate half a ‘mothers’ biscuit [and probably some more sand]. Trundled back in the Metro to find the Renault at Whitesand Bay.

Happy Days….


BrextonT said...

Your post confused us at first as you are still wearing the same hat today! We then spotted the date of 1982.

Phreerunner said...

No Robert, that hat was recently recycled as far inferior to the Tilley hat that replaced it. The 1982 hat was one of many that I required Mad Ones team members to wear during the overnight Bogle Stroll, to enable support cars to identify our team members on the 55 mile circuit. You were probably issued with one despite your other distinctive characteristic!