Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Taste of the C2C Path - Shap to Richmond - Day 1

Shap to Orton - 14 km, 250 metres ascent, 4.5 hours. 

Early rain faded into a distant memory as Sue and I drove up the M6 in convoy with Anna and Dale. Orton was reached in time to enjoy a leisurely coffee, with cake and complimentary chocolate at Kennedy's café and chocolate factory. 

(The compliments worked - chocolate was purchased.)

A car was abandoned there, and we then drove to Shap to start our C2C taster at the one-third point of the entire route, outside the Kings Arms. 

The route to Orton soon crosses the west coast main line, and a footpath bridges the M6 motorway near the top of 'Shap'. Several other C2Cers were encountered hereabouts, remaining in sight for most of the day. 

The walled village of Oddendale was reached after an hour or so. Here we found a small stone circle, but we failed to find two such concentric circles a few minutes from the path a little further on. Lunch was taken in a cool breeze at this spot (pictured).

A pleasant afternoon stroll saw us return to Orton by around 4.30pm. The weather had been kind - a day for t-shirts, with sunny intervals.

Numerous flowers graced our route (list to follow), as well as buzzards and ravens and an impressively large flock of goldfinches. 

Several impressive limestone pavements were passed - one of these is pictured. Today we enjoyed rolling countryside with the higher reaches of the Howgills a constant impressive backdrop to our views ahead, and the Lake District summits of High Street and Saddleback lingering at our right elbows.

Tranna Hill B&B proved to be a good find, and the Black Swan provided an excellent meal, and company in the form of Andrew and Rosemary. 

Alan R would particularly like Tranna Hill. Brenda is a very jolly landlady, and there's a Massey Ferguson tractor in the back garden!


AlanR said...

Looks like you have picked a good week weatherwise. Enjoy it.
Where's the MF tractor photo btw?

Sir Hugh said...

All well known territory to me. There was a cyclists café in Orton until a few years ago with a matriarch lady and home baking. 'Twas like a time warp from the thirties - always a favourite port of call. The chocolate shop is ok, but not the same thing.

Louise said...

That would be a charm of goldfinch, which you probably know and I think is rather lovely! Nice walk too.

Phreerunner said...

There is no picture Alan - I told Brenda you would no doubt be visiting and would take your own pictures!

Notwithstanding your comments Conrad, Orton seems a lovely place, with great chocolates.

We'd forgotten about the ' charm ' Louise, thanks for the reminder. It's certainly well named.