Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Friday, 5 September 2014

A Taste of the C2C Path - Shap to Richmond - Day 4

Keld to Reeth - 22 km, 300 metres ascent, 6.2 hours. 

(A and D - 14 km)

Car logistics were easier today. It was a simple case of driving up Swaledale, dropping off A and D at Muker and continuing to the campsite beyond Keld to leave our car for the day. 

The walking was picturesque and simple:

● head down to Keld then Muker then Gunnerside then Healaugh then Reeth, keeping as close as possible to the north bank of the River Swale;

● humour Sue as she tries to head off in the wrong direction on a borrowed tractor,  yelling "AlanR where are you";

● enjoy the lovely scenery between Keld and Muker, including a number of waterfalls; 

● catch up with A and D near Gunnerside, before coffee and cake outside the local café - really excellent parsnip cake;

● continue on this glorious day after early fog, to a fine lunch spot before reaching an ancient bridge;

● leave A and D to enjoy their 14 km amble to Healaugh whilst speeding on to collect car number two from Reeth; 

● pause in Healaugh to finish flask of tea and admire the 'wasp man' Rob digging out wasps nests, from which the grubs will be used as bait for trout fishing;

● still in Healaugh, admire the rows of rabbits in 'Ron the Rabbit's' car, proudly guarded by a couple of ferrets - "£1.30 each" said Ron;

● admire during the course of the day - heron, mallards, dippers, wrens, starlings, willow warblers, kestrels, and swallows getting ready to migrate;

● tea and cake at Cambridge House, courtesy of Robert and Sheila - an immaculate B&B;

● dinner at the Buck (thank you A and D) and an amusing confusion between mustard and custard on the part of one of the Polish staff who suggested Dale might like mustard on his chocolate tart;

● Anna's bemused look when she thought she was being referred to as a chocolate tart.

Enough of this rubbish. Tomorrow is another busy day, so my report may be delayed...


AlanR said...

That has to be one of the best tractor pics I've seen.
I remember on my 1st C2C trip I somehow ended up on the wrong side of the river heading for Richmond. I decided to do a Bear Gryll's and swim across to the right side.

Phreerunner said...

So you were staying in 5* hotels!

This week you could have paddled across the river and hardly got your feet wet, but how on earth did you get on the wrong side...?

Alan Sloman said...

I'm surprised at you, Alan - no mention of what the tractor is?

Phreerunner said...

Yes AlanS, I also noticed the omission, but I know that AlanR has been busy constructing his workshop and I'm actually impressed that he finds time to read any of this stuff, let alone identify the odd Massey Ferguson Mk 4 Case prototype tractor!

AlanR said...

I didn’t actually think anybody actually took any notice. So for all my tractor fellows it is:- A Ferguson TE 20 from around 1950. You can tell this by only having 2 holes in the rear axle for the shell fenders and the shape of the hydraulic lift arms coming from the rear axle lift cover. The steering arm dropping down from just in front of Sue’s knee used to connect by a long shaft to the front axle steering joint. This is now missing along with the power plant. Also the steering wheel and the instrument panel is obviously Ferguson.
Hope this helps. Did you get a serial number martin?