Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Some Waterfalls

December 8

This region is peppered with waterfalls. We visited three of them today.

The sun returned as we left Refuge Tinquilco and pottered down to Ojos de Caburgua, some waterfalls near the head of Lago Caburgua. An eruption blocked this southern end of the valley thousands of years ago, drowning it. Waters from the resultant lake now flow out through porous rocks and subterranean streams, reappearing as the Ojos de Caburgua, three waterfalls that plunge from the forest into a deep pool of clear water.

We joined the throngs on the walks around here, before lunching at a picnic bench.

The afternoon saw us divert some way up some gravel tracks to reach two more falls.

Firstly, Salto La China, which plunges about 75 metres before crashing onto rocks and spraying any nearby onlookers - in this case a plump family who seemed to be enjoying a 'wet t-shirt' contest. A flower resembling Touch-me-Not lined the short path to the falls, along with a ubiquitous variety of bright red Waterfall Plant.

Nearby, Salto El Leon crashed down for about 90 metres onto some rocks before spraying uncontrollably across the valley and down another small precipice to flow on as a small river.

Hostal La Tetera, back in Pucón, was full, so we went upmarket to Hostal Geronimo. It's a further block back from the main street, so hopefully the barking dogs we heard whilst staying at La Tetera will be a little more distant tonight.

We have a fine view of a smoking volcano - Volcán Villarrica - from our room and balcony.

Today's pictures:
Patricio outside Refuge Tinquilco
Looking out over Lago Tinquilco
Ojos de Caburgua waterfalls
Salto La China waterfall
Salto El Leon waterfall
The view from our balcony
Teatime outside Hostal Geronimo


Nightbird said...

Really enjoying this section of your trip, I think Richard and I would have loved it. However my ongoing - and boring - chest infection means I'm still not up to much at the moment :-(
Views of a smoking volcano from your window sounds great.

Phreerunner said...

Thanks Jenny
Sue says she's really sorry she gave you that infection. It stayed with her for ages as well, and was blamed for a 'so long ago we can't remember' lack of evidence of booking cock-up!

Nightbird said...

Aww, tell Sue not to worry I don't think she gave it to me, and it got so bad because I went back to work too quickly. The worst of it is that I haven't had alcohol since Leyburn! Unheard of for me. Those pisco sours you had looked so scrummy too.

Phreerunner said...

Pisco is on our shopping list. We have a recipe. You will be guinea pigs?

Nightbird said...

Oh yes indeed, count us in!