Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A Quiet January in Timperley


Wythenshawe Park is rather waterlogged at present (see picture below). Saturday’s parkrun was cancelled. We went to Woodbank (Stockport) instead. We survived the ice and enjoyed three laps of good exercise.


I’m trying to clear our dining room of boxes of surplus possessions. Nine boxes of books went to the charity bookshop in Bakewell. Other items went to Oxfam in Altrincham. Freecycle and eBay are also being deployed, as well as our local recycling plant. The room remains seemingly full of boxes. Today’s purchase of a shredder will help reduce their number.

The route to and from the recycling plant is along the disused railway line that used to link West Timperley and Glazebrook, as part of a line between Liverpool and Stockport. The track is still there in places.


On Sunday (17 January), Sue and I had planned a visit to the eastern side of the Peak District. However, given the weather as we returned home from Saturday night out in Altrincham – see top picture – we chose the lie-in option instead.

We did however manage a stroll to Dunham Massey and back. As you can see, it was rather a dull, chilly day.


Is that graffiti I see there? (Click to enlarge.)


Dunham Massey had its usual huge quota of visitors.


Then Mike cooked dinner for us, overseen by Millie.


Last night it was good to see Reg and others at Eagley Jazz Club. The Harlem Hot Stompers (great name) overcame the loss of their trombone player by recruiting an accomplished replacement, but Bill Smith’s sudden, but not life-threatening, affliction left them without a trumpet. They managed brilliantly – some great improvisations and solo performances.

That’s it really, with a few omissions such as Cary’s excellent slideshow featuring the Sierra Nevada, and a small reunion meal for some of my old UMIST contemporaries, So why haven’t we found time to go through the 2500 images that we accumulated in Argentina and Chile?

I don’t know. Quiz night tonight. £500 jackpot.

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