Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Monday, 9 January 2017

4 to 6 January 2017 – A Visit from Jacob


We had the pleasure of a visit from Jacob due to his term not having started and his mum and dad having gone to work.

Liz lent us some games and jig saws – Hot Wheels (above) and Hullabaloo being the star items that supplemented our own diet of jigsaws, Uno, dominoes and ‘'”Sorry”, to name but a few.

There were daily bike rides to Walton Park, and a long game of Frisbee on a muddy football pitch.

Motorists who potter their way around the M60 may be familiar with the Chill Factor building. Can you spot the ‘Chill Factor’ sign?


Below all the winter based activities is a large ‘soft play’ area called PlayFactore. Excellent for five year olds like Jacob.

It’s not cheap (except for pensioners), and there’s a time limit of two and a half hours. However, for a total of £18 plus a few extra coins for the arcade game pictured below, it was excellent value.


Whilst Sue and I spent most of the time following Jacob around an array tubes, ladders and slides, we did enjoy elevenses. (What’s new!)


There’s a big slide that runs from the top to the bottom level. Jacob’s fast clothing resulted in an involuntary lane change and a bumpy landing. He wouldn’t go down it again, so no photo – he recovered on this bouncy ball…


They were frosty days, but that didn’t stop the bike rides. Here’s Jacob with his main Christmas present.


The Bridgewater Canal was partly frozen, to the extent that the Black-headed gulls were declining to land on the ice, instead attempting, with limited success, to grab Jacob’s crusts whilst flying past. They were showing rather less skill in attempting this, than the magpies that are emptying our bird feeder.


We had a lovely three days and enjoyed Jacob’s company a lot, if not his predilection to waking up full of beans at 5 am. (iPad to the rescue!)

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