Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Saturday, 18 February 2017

A parkrun birthday and a tasty meal


This entry is the last before our next trip, just to show that we are alive and well and enjoying some eccentric cooking.

Today’s parkrun at Wythenshawe in pleasantly warm conditions attracted 288 participants, one of whom, Brian G, was celebrating his 70th birthday. He’s pictured above in his green Go-faster top, after completing the 5 km course in a little over 25 minutes, about to extinguish the last of the candles on his cake. Parkrunners love cake, which was today also provided by Geoff F in celebration of his 50th outing.

Well done everyone, and thanks to Andy H, unusually lacking in family support, for conducting proceedings with his usual efficiency. Results are here.

On Thursday we were treated to a fine meal with some good friends, partly in celebration of Sue’s imminent landmark.

We started with ‘UTI accelerant’, aka bulls’ blood soup with a grassy garnish.


The main course comprised bulls' testicles with Daryl’s fish muscle on a bed of winter weeds.


For dessert, we were honoured with second helpings of bulls' haemorrhoids with vanilla sludge on a bed of buttered gluten free fruit flour.


These were all absolutely delicious, especially after an opening dose of a colourless herbal medicine produced from juniper berries, then ongoing flagons of a straw coloured liquid that our host claimed to have been produced by the alcoholic fermentation of grape pulp.

Happy eating, and thanks to Jessica who spent last night here and after struggling through her elephant’s fingers (we’ll get some fish fingers for you next time, Jess) carried out her washing up duties to her usual standard.


AlanR said...

Piles of haemorrhoids. Yummy. It all looked very nice.

Phreerunner said...

Absolutely mouthwateringly delicious Alan!