Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Friday, 31 March 2017

Friday 31 March 2017 – A Stroll to Dunham


Well, Helen left us yesterday after her week’s stay. Whilst she was moving on to visit other friends and relatives, her husband Ken was hot on her heels, from Ottawa via Heathrow, arriving in Timperley in time for a meal featuring raw fish (well, ceviche) and a blue cheese tart, neither of which feature on his regular menu.

Helen and Ken could both have stayed at the same time – we have enough beds – but they have differing itineraries. They will finally meet up next week.

Today we enjoyed a gentle 15 km stroll to Dunham Massey, returning via Altrincham. Very slow and relaxing. The next posting will reveal why…

The top picture shows Ken and Sue on the canal towpath near Dunham Town, from where we continued, leaving the canal by the Swan with Two Nicks, to enter the grounds of Dunham Massey via the back entrance near the sawmill, a listed building that dates from 1616.


After some debate as to where to stop for coffee, we continued past the main building and a variety of statues.


The Lavender Barn Tea Room was our chosen spot today, and very nice it was too. A group of cyclists from Middleton was also in residence. It was lovely to be able to sit outside with a large piece of cake in the continuing warm weather.


Then it was through the golf course to Altrincham for a spot of provision replenishment and a short route home via Navigation Road.

They have put a new ‘sign’ up outside the bus station, next to the old clock, which is working again. This probably happened ages ago, but I’ve only just noticed!


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