Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Sunday 22 April 2018 - The Anglesey Coast Path - Stage 7 - Amlwch (The Trecastell Hotel, Bull Bay) to Cemaes

11 km, 350 metres ascent, 4 hours 10 minutes.
Martin did about 10 km of bimbling.

Cool with rain in the air at first, slowly brightening to become merely a cool overcast morning, and an afternoon with sunny periods (and the odd shower later).

This short day was tantamount to a rest day for our hardy coasters. We enjoyed a lie in and a leisurely breakfast, even a chapter or two of 'Where the Missing Go' by Emma Rowley, a daughter of one of Jeanette's friends. We are all reading or have read this book.

Richard and Jenny turned up for today's section of the coast path. They claim to have finished the entire route yesterday. Apparently it took them eight years. That's less than 20 miles a year, almost slower than it takes Richard to grow a beard.

Whilst gear got sorted and waterproofs donned, I drove to Cemaes and started walking towards the others with a view to meeting them.

When they eventually set off, the coasters were drawn to several points of interest by the excellent guide book we are using - 'Walking the Anglesey Coast Path' by Carl Rogers, notably on this stretch, the abandoned brickworks at Porth Wen.

They then passed a ruined summerhouse before descending steeply to some ruined works at Porth Llanlleiana. With only 4 km to go, and not yet lunch time, the large picnic table just here, sheltered by a high wall, made for an excellent pause place. I'd arrived there half an hour earlier, just beating ten kayakers to this prime position. Two lady backpackers soon joined me on the table and we chatted while they lunched.

I hadn't provided lunch provisions for such a short section of the route, but with the aid of a left over sandwich and a large packet of crisps everyone got a bit to eat. Most of us were still bloated from another huge breakfast anyway.

The kayaks departed and I noticed Paul looking enquiringly after them, perhaps contemplating his 'Around Anglesey By Kayak' project.

Continuing gently on our way, we passed the church of Llanbadrig, unfortunately closed to visitors. The sun was quite strong by now, so a little further on everyone lay down for a snooze. Those who did stay awake witnessed a porpoise (or was it a dolphin?) passing through. Quite a treat for them.

From there the pleasant coast path led around a final headland to the village of Cemaes, where a large bell on the beach informs the residents of high tide, but a café proves elusive. So a well positioned kiosk provided a coffee for Paul and ice creams for the rest of us - that had to suffice. Cream teas would have been nice!

Richard and Jenny were returned to Bull Bay, and I soon joined the others at Castellor, a sumptuous B&B on the edge of Cemaes. Their tea, shortbread, and lemon drizzle cake made up for the lack of a proper café in the village.

Arriving at 4 o'clock gave a good amount of down time. Plenty of reading, but Scrabble was rejected.

The Gadlys, a five minute walk away, served all our culinary needs to a high standard.

NB A note from yesterday - the young couple who are walking the entire Welsh Coast Path passed in the other direction, going well before returning to the mainland and then the delights of the Lleyn Peninsula.

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