Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Windermere to Manchester - A Plan

On Monday I'll be getting a train from Solihull to Windermere, with the idea of walking home by Sunday afternoon.

I've plotted a route - given limited time (and we leave now for Solihull) which was simply the first that came to mind as my cursor traced a largely southerly route down the Anquet map screen.


So I think my trip needs to be renamed 'towards' Manchester, as I don't think that in a little over six days I'll be able to cover the 263 km (165 miles) with over 7,000 metres of ascent that Anquet claims for this route.

I'll be posting details of my progress, so (whilst I'm not expecting it) if anyone would care to join me for a while, I'll be pleased to see you.

The route is summarised below:

Stage 1 - Waypoints 1 to 11 - Windermere to Borrowdale - 28 km
Stage 2 - Waypoints 11 to 23 - to Dent - 35 km
Stage 3 - Waypoints 23 to 37 - to Kettlewell - 43 km
Stage 4 - Waypoints 37 to 49 - to Ilkley Crags - 40 km
Stage 5 - Waypoints 49 to 60 - to Jerusalem Camp Site - 34 km
Stage 6 - Waypoints 60 to 72 - to Crowden - 38 km
Stage 7 - Waypoints 72 to 92 - to Timperley - 45 km.

The detailed intermediary points and map references are here.

My phone should be turned on.

I'll be in touch! Probably by way of short (you'll be relieved to hear) postcards.


Martin Rye said...

I like the sound of this walk. I shall watch how it goes.

Mike Knipe said...

Everything is much better when you have a plan.
Where are you on Wednesday?

Phreerunner said...

Mike, the route is planned, but not the timings, but I will be posting details of progress. On Tuesday I should reach Sedbergh or even Dent, so on Wednesday I'll be heading towards Kettlewell along the planned route (see link on the posting), which, if it goes like the Challenge, I'll be sticking to through thick and thin, even though I've forgotten to bring a water filter.