Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Tuesday 4 June 2013 - Porthgain to Abercastle

Liz and Rachel had children to attend to at home, but the remaining eleven of us headed off to Porthgain in the school bus to complete this year's coast path adventure. 

The weather remained perfect - cloudless and warm. We didn't need to rush. Today we were to cover all of 8 km (5 miles) in two and a half hours, so time could be spent admiring the remains of the old brickworks and lime kilns, this being an area where much quarrying took place between 1840 and the 1930s.

There's also a bright white phallic tower on the headland beyond Porthgain, and further on, a stone circle at Aber Draw has the aura of a recent construction. 

Elevenses were taken beyond here, at the site of some ruined buildings. A seal swam along the coastline below us. A little further on, choughs were nesting in caves and crevices whilst a pair of Canada geese explored an inlet as if on their summer holiday. 

Fulmars and cormorants were also in evidence, amongst many other species, some of which have been referred to in earlier postings.

Today's cliff tops were swathed in bluebells as well as the usual Thrift, Sea Campion and Spring Squill. They were also adorned in places with a robust form of Red Clover and giant Foxgloves. 

Cattle were huddled into shady corners of their fields and all too soon we were huddled into a shady corner of Abercastle, waiting for the school bus. It was half an hour late; the driver got lost!

No matter, we enjoyed the moment before returning to Treleddyd-fawr and dispersing or staying on for more sun by the seaside. In our case the former - we dropped Andrew off in deepest Cheshire before getting home by 8 pm.

What a lovely trip. We'll try to upload a slide show before we head off again. 

Today's picture was taken on the final descent to Abercastle. 

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