Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Friday 12 August 2016

Borrodale House, Arisaig, July 30 to August 7 2016


This posting is by way of an index to my daily missives from Borrodale House, Arisaig, with a link to a slideshow.

The map below shows the scene of each day’s stroll, and links to the daily entries are below that.


Day 1 - Not Wythenshawe parkrun, Not the Lake District (x3) and Not a Bothy

Day 2 - Beinn Resipol

Day 3 - High Summer on Braigh nan Uamhachan (Slope of the Caves)

Day 4 - Fuar Beinn and Creach Beinn - a classic round

Day 5 - Ben Hiant (Ardnamurchan) on a Driech Day

Day 6 - Stob Coire a'Chearcaill

Day 7 - Meall a'Phubuill and Meall Onfhaidh

As also mentioned above, a slideshow covering the whole trip is here.

The small images in these mobile postings can be enlarged by clicking on them, producing a small slideshow for each day.


AlanR said...

I have just realised i have actually done 2 of those tops you did on Day 4. Beinn na Cille and Meall nan Each.
We used to stay with the Gillie on the Strut Estate in Kingairloch. I swam in the Loch on November the 5th, the Gillie said he had never been in the loch voluntarily.

Phreerunner said...

Well done Alan, but why didn't you walk the complete round, it's a 'classic', with no technical difficulties beyond the steep initial slopes of Beinn na Cille?

You won't catch me anywhere near that cold loch water!

AlanR said...

It was a while ago Martin and i can only think that the reason was the weather was lousy. I must try and dig out the photo's and check. (i may be gone some time).

Phreerunner said...

I know the feeling. (ToDo list: find photos from xxx, xxy, xxz, ad infinitum)