Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Saturday 21 January 2017 – An outing from P17


It’s ‘Spring Skiing’ weather in Gatineau Park. No chance of cold hands in the warm weather that requires klister on the skis if you aren’t lucky enough to possess waxless boards.

The four of us – me, Sue, Ken and Helen enjoyed a 22km ski into Renauld Cabin for lunch, returning by a slightly different route.


It was warm. We didn’t over exert ourselves, though Ken came with a 7 kg rucksack and a bit of energy for toing and froing between us as part of his preparation for the 150km over two days Canadian Ski Marathon that takes place in four weeks’ time.


The woodpeckers have been busy, as shown in the top picture taken by Sue. The light, and my incompetence with the Canon G16 camera, didn’t allow me to take more than a few very average snapshots.

Anyway, it was a good first day out despite the heat and the relatively slow going, and the trails weren’t too busy.

For the record: P17 > #53 > P19 > #50 > #55 > Renauld Cabin > #55 > #50 > P19 > #51 > #53 > P17 = 22km, 372 metres ascent, taking 3 hours 50 mins (3.15 moving time).

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Phreerunner said...

I apologise with the faffing over this posting. Open Live Writer failed to work so I emailed text and images to pick them up on the phone, and sent them that way. I eventually discovered that the problem wasn't a 'Live Writer' issue, but arose from the simple fact that I wasn't signed in to Google (aka Blogger) on this laptop. So after a successful 'test' I deleted the phone postings, apart from the original intentional one, and reverted to Open Live Writer, which hopefully now works!