Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

A Christmas Quiz

I've recorded a number of picture quizzes on these pages over the years, mostly documenting the quiz that I habitually set for our annual Christmas walk that is attended by around thirty people. This year Covid affected those plans, but a quiz was held on Sunday, thanks to Zoom, my technical guru Jenny, and the submission of some great pictures by participants.

Here are the pictures, together with an abbreviated set of 37 questions. The Sunday version had about 45 questions, and three teams got around 29 points - Sue B, Sue and Phil, and Martin and Jo. Well done to all of them. Prizes will be awarded next time I see them for beer in a pub. (Could be some time.)

How many can you score?

Which Water is this?
How deep is it?

What is this structure known as?
It was built in 1817 to commemorate what?

Where is this?
Of what range of hills is it the highest point?

What is the common name for this Alpine flower?

Name the loch?
Name the mountain?

What is this sculpture in the Pennines?
In which county may it be found?

Name this fine Torridon mountain?
From where was the picture taken?

Name the two closer hills?

Name the castle?

What is behind Richard and Jenny?
What country were they in?

What is this?
Where was the picture taken?

Where is this lunch spot for a walk in Cheshire?
Name the bird?

Which mountain are Keith and Carol ascending?
Name the mountain in the background?

Where is this 1810 structure?
Whose Golden Jubilee does it commemorate?

Name the mere?
Which bird could have taken the picture?

What is this?
Sightings near here of which animal occasionally surprised walkers in post-war times?

Name this flower, that when eaten by cows results in chocolate flavoured milk?

Name the island?
Name the foreground peak (on the left)?

What is Phil not looking at?
What would he find if he went there (within the clump of trees)?

What hill am I looking at?
Which animal features in the middle distance?

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