Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Thursday, 5 August 2021

Wednesday 4 August 2021 - Quarry Bank Trail Race

We entered this running event in 2020, but the race didn't take place and the entries were carried over to this year. Our entries were organised by the Barbers, pictured below with us at the start.

We were there in plenty of time, so we could wander around before the start. Sue and I had no plans to extend ourselves as we'd hardly eaten anything for the last few days due to a bout of Norovirus emanating from our monster grandchild, Isabella.

Laura was also going to take it easy, as she is running a half marathon at the weekend.

That left Paul and Greg nudging their way to the front to start, whilst Laura took her time, and Sue and I started at the back of the entire field. That made for a slow start, as lots of people ahead of us seemed to have misinterpreted the 'Race' element of the event and had chosen to block the way up the hill with platoons of walkers.

Anyway, that wasn't a problem, the slow start provided an opportunity to warm up slowly, then once we were warm, a light shower of rain proved very refreshing as we continued our virus induced jogging.

It's a lovely course, about 7.4 km in length, with plenty of opportunities for rests during the second half of the run, due to the single file nature of parts of the course, and the reluctance of walkers to run up the steps in the Bollin Valley.

The race ends after a steep, wide section of tarmac that was an absolute delight. It felt as if I was passing a couple of hundred people on the descent as any brakes I may have had clearly failed, and I arrived at the finish in time to get the camera out to record Sue's finish.

The Barbers had all finished successfully, though Paul's plan to finish at the top of the VM60 age category was foiled by one person who crept in ahead of him!

Sue and I were feeling fine despite our recent illness, but the above image shows that my camera lens was misted up due to the rain. Thanks go to the Barbers for waiting for us to jog in.

Here are the results for all of us. You may need to click on the images to view them properly.

It was good to see a few familiar faces amongst the 465 participants, including Zoe from Wythenshawe parkrun, and Helen from SWOG.

Here's the route - 7.4 km with 120 metres ascent.

I believe that by dint of some sort of fluke I'm owed a prize (!!!), which Paul may snaffle as it will no doubt be sent to his address.

Today's (not)parkrun - 5km in 44 minutes - included an encounter with our local tame heron.

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