Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Saturday 12 January 2008 - TGO Challenge – Draft Route Submitted

Well, the ToDo List has gained a Big Tick today, with our route having been considered in depth and submitted to Uncle Roger.
I doubt whether we will have the same vetter as last year, the superb Ian Shiel, as Ian has been in hospital to try to sort out a recurring sciatica problem. I’m sure all who know him will join us in wishing him the very best and a speedy and full recovery.
This year’s route, shown in outline below (we will of course be memorising the detail and using just this map – and of course The Sun – to aid our Bimble across Scotland in search of Cake Stashes and Cheese and Wine Parties) conceals the following statistics:
Distance: 326 km (202 miles) [2007: 343 km (214 miles)]
Ascent: 12500 metres [2007: 12950 metres]
Munros: 16 [2007: 2]
Corbetts: 0 [2007: 8]
Grahams: 1 [2007: 2]
Other Marilyns: 0 [2007: 1]
A highlight will no doubt be our crossing of The Monadhliath. After much debate and poring over the maps we have decided on the day of the crossing to rise early and follow the sun until mid morning, when we will bear left and continue in that direction to a river. Here we will set up camp and consume cheese, wine and cake. The second day (or third, if it takes that long) will be similar, starting with a brisk swim and ending at a town where we can relate our adventures in a bar.
Enjoy the Message Board, everyone…


Alan Sloman said...

That sounds like a wonderful crossing of the Moadhliaths and to be done in the true spirit of adventure and good times!

Ian is back home now and it sounds like the op has helped quite a bit.

All the vetters are great fellows and you will get great tips to enhance your holiday.

Nice one.

Phreerunner said...

Hi Alan
I'm impressed by the volume of your recent blogging activity, given the many hours of route planning. (LOL) I have heard from Ian, who is dismayed by our low tally of Grahams! Curiously, I met most of the vetters last year and they would not of course be vetters if they weren't Legends in Their Own Lifetimes!

peter said...

As Ian is out of hospital and back home with nothing to do but lay back and stare at the ceiling a look at your route may give him a bit of light relief! It actually looks quite interesting, good luck and I hope you make it, which you should do if the weather is fine.

Phreerunner said...

(Or is it Mr Grumpy I should be addressing?)
Ian will need good eyesight to work out our precise route, but I'm sure the outline will bring back good memories for him. It should be a very sociable route compared with my previous effort, and we certainly intend to complete it, rain or shine.