Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Friday, 11 September 2009

Friday 11 September 2009 - Rote Chumme

Low cloud, as predicted, started to clear, as predicted. So we headed off to the Sunnbüel cablecar for some high level fun.

After an hour's crocodile walk past big pylons and bell-ringing cows the Schwarenbach restaurant beckoned. We enjoyed coffees in the sunshine whilst a school party armed with small laminated maps devoured countless flagons of soup, and aged Americans devoured the beauty of the place (...what pylons?...)

Actually, the views are magnificent despite the pylons - I'll add an image or two when we get back. (Here's one - there will be more for those interested in a slide show in due course - see index - here you can just about see the huge pylons marching across the landscape at the top of the vegetation on the left.)

There's a shortcut from the restaurant to the Rote Chumme path. This well graded route led us through columbine meadows under limestone cliffs to a grassy lunch spot where it joins the main Rote Chumme path before its steep final 200 metre ascent to 2600 metres.

Up at this high point for the day the mist swirled, but we were granted excellent views, as in today's postcard.

We lingered together with circling choughs before descending in an area previously occupied by a glacier, past a glacial lake - Tälliseeli - then dropping steeply to the Inner Üschene valley.

Dense clumps of the pretty yellow flowers of Yellow Mountain Saxifrage had taken root in the glacial area, and families of marmots and chamois kept close tabs on us as we made our way through the wide area of glacial debris.

We lost the view at around 2300 metres, and after 2.30 pm we saw no other walkers (a few had been descending Rote Chumme earlier). Mist and low cloud dominated the rest of the day, with the temperature dropping as low as 11C.

We were grateful for the well marked paths, the lack of rain and, later, the well stocked shops of Kandersteg.

But dinner was eaten without our usual view of the mesmerising waterfall, and even the nearby Öeschinensee cablecar stanchions disappeared into the gloom as we tucked into some of the Marmotte Tea Room's Magic Cakes.

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peter morley said...

Anne and I have owned this apartment in Kandersteg for nearly 5 years now and have never managed to see the surrounding area as completley as Martin and Sue have. Puts us to shame really. The Marmotte Tea Rooms is as good as he says, still referred to in our family as the 'transport caf' which was reflected in its pre updated days. The week after it was spruced up Samuel christened the curtains with a cup of hot chocolate - very selubrious.However we have enjoyed the second hand experience of reading the blog every day. When we retire ..... And now the commercial: if Martins bon mots have whetted your appetites the apartment is available to rent to discerning visitors for a reasonable sum. The washing is reserved only for Martin to do so a stay there would be all pleasure. The skiing (x country)in winter is enjoyable too.
Best wishes from 2 armchair walkers
Peter and Anne (