Martin on the TGO Challenge 2017

Martin on the TGO Challenge 2017

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Over there, Bob!


Here’s my entry in Andy Howell’s competition.

And for those of you needing the odd bit of kit - when he’s not setting fire to the countryside Bob can be found together with ‘Babe of the Year’ Rose at their magnificent on-line emporium here.


Phreerunner said...

This is a test - if it works you get a link to a slide show of our 2007 trip to the Vanoise, which still lacks a proper report:
[It does seem to work, so I'll leave it here for some of you to reminisce - best viewed in 'Full Screen' mode, and you need to click on 'Show Info' to get the captions.]

Phreerunner said...

PS You have to cut and paste the link.

Andy Howell said...

Brilliant !!!!