Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Monday, 21 September 2009

Timperley Metro Station

I used to commute into Manchester from Timperley Metro Station.  The canopy was really quite useful on wet days.  It kept the commuters dry.

Here it is:


Here’s the miniscule image from Metrolink’s website:


So it was a bit of a surprise to return from holiday to find this:


What have you done with the canopy, JJ?

So, I’ll just wait in until it stops raining….

….actually, since we returned last week, I can’t recall more than a few drops of rain, so perhaps this is Metrolink’s preparation for global warming?


Londonbackpacker said...

Have you come back to a Timperley triangle?

Missing water from the canal and station canopies :-)

Louise said...

Apparently changed the white fence with a metal one too. Bloomin' cheek!

Trekking Britain said...

Bring back the blue and yellows I say, sod the cheap tatty trams I prefered the old trusty trains and proper stations! ;-)

Phreerunner said...

Welcome to 'The Timperley Triangle', and well spotted, Louise - but they do seem to have added a couple of lamp posts to light up those cold winter commutes. (I'll still be in bed, of course [gloats].)

Trekking Britain - aargh, another blog to follow! - when I last lived by this line we used the old trains with compartments and no corridors. The trams, when working smoothly, are more frequent and very convenient, and most of the old stations have survived. Most of ours had until we went to the Alps. As you know, I blame JJ, custodian of all things Timperlian, for a loss of concentration.

Mike Knipe said...

Are you sure this is Timperley in 2009?. So much seems to have changed. Are there strangers with a big dog living in your house?
Have you checked the local gravestones for your names?
Are there no cars on the road any more?
Could happen......

Phreerunner said...

Weird though it may seem, I think all the cars in Timperley are on our road. One of our neighbours has a hobby - he's the local 'e-bay' resource for folk needing cars. He even builds them to order!
Have just caught up with 'Northern Pies' - when's the next 'Eel Crag Fiasco' planned for? (Remind me to have a lie-in that day!)

Mike Knipe said...

We're never going anywhere near Eel Crag ever again.
Particularly on 20 October when we'll definately be doing something else and not Eel Crag. Oh no, thats not where we're going, right enough. (wink!)
No, really.
Thats 20 October.
Be there or be square.

Phreerunner said...

I'll be squarely lying in in Oldham on 20/10 after stage 1 of my Timperley to Appleby extravaganza.
Am planning an Eel Crag Adventure sometime, though. Notchy could be a good companion, and a recce by the Pie Man would be most appreciated - probably entitled 'Eeeel Crag at the 13th attempt', or someting similar - obviously the Pie Man will come up with a much better title than that...
Perhaps he could write it in advance as a sort of obituary?

Phreerunner said...

The Timperley Triangle:
OMG - JJ's gone missing now!

Trekking Britain said...

Oops sorry for creating another log, I had resisted for very long but caved in a few week ago! This blog always caught my eye as we live in Alty and I lived in Sale most of my life. I agree the trams are good when they are quiet and running, they've just let me down to many times unfortunately. Did the tiny shelter on the other platform survive, the one that fits two old ladies or three hoodies in it?

Phreerunner said...

Yes the 'bus shelter' on the other side did survive - the original canopy on that side must have been removed a while ago.
A new (bus?) shelter is promised on the Manchester bound side - at some future date.