Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Monday, 21 December 2009

Dunham Massey in Winter (1)

We woke to bright sunshine yesterday, but by the time we’d parked at Dunham and strolled down to the canal towpath, it was snowing.

The Bridgewater Canal in winter

We left the towpath to join the path leading to Dunham Massey, via the Swan with Two Nicks.

The Swan with Two Nicks in a snow storm

The house, closed for the winter, stood stark below the heavy sky.

Dunham Massey House

Down one of the ‘rides’ a lonely obelisk stood splattered with fresh snow.

The Obelisk

The sky briefly cleared.

Dunham Park in winter

Fallow deer tucked into the feed provided by the National Trust.

Fallow deer

Returning to the car, a moorhen scooted away.

A moorhen

The ducks, seabirds and swans were all concentrated into a small area where running water had inhibited the pond from freezing over.

The duck pond at Dunham Massey, in winter


Dot said...

Caught up with your activities. You have had more snow than we have. Hope you will be able to collect me on Wed and that the roads will be clear.
Very interested in your new venture--orienteering.

Nick said...

Shame I wasn't there at the pond - could've been the Nick with Two Swans...

Trekking Britain said...

I went down to Dunham Park the day after you did! I actually planned a walk around Rowarth and Lantern Pike but when I got near Glossop it had been snowing for two hours and the snow was deep on the sloping roads around there so people were just leaving their cars. The blizzard went on for hours so I decided it would be best to turn around which I did and glad I did. Came back to Alty and pulled up by the Dunham Village entrance and went for a stroll around the park instead. Put some photos up on my Picasa galleries of the local snowy trips to dunham and also a walk to John Leigh Park at weekend, also a trip to Lymm Dam which was inspired by your recent trip...

Hope you had a great white christmas! Jamie.

Phreerunner said...

Hi Jamie
You've some nice pictures around Dunham, and of snowy Altrincham - I think I was distracted by a 'Great British Ridge Walk' at the time, which seems to have been an easier destination than Glossop! It should be written up later today or tomorrow. We were back in Dunham on Christmas Eve.
What 'gadget do you use for your 'photo locations' data?
Your Lymm photos may be of interest to the Lymm website people - I'll send them a link.
Hope you had a good Xmas.
Martin and Sue

Trekking Britain said...

Thanks for the plug! ;-)

I use the latest version of Picasa for taggin my photos. I find once you perfect Picasa it is so much easier than any other way of touching up, storing, displaying and tagging photos. It is often very time consuming all the dealing with photos after walks but with Picasa I only have to do it all once and it synchs with my online versions. The new version oif Picasa makes it so easy to tag the photos both with keyword and the geo tags for Google Maps and eventually Google plan to integrate the lot together. I also found a great piece of software for sorting out in batch, photos from trips where the Date Taken is wrong on all the pictures from not setting the time or date properly. I found it so useful and time saving that I'm going to do a blog entry sometime in the next week detailing how to use it so watch out for that. Hope you get out again this week, I've been ill and in work next two days so won't be out again till new year, about time I got out somewhere further too!

Phreerunner said...

I use Picasa as well. I quite like it but I haven't bothered with location tags. I wondered whether you were using a camera that records GPS data, but now I assume you go through each image and work out where it was taken. I'm not sure that I can be bothered with that in normal circumstances, especially as I often give route details. Look forward to your posting though, you are clearly way ahead of me technically. (I'm still trying to resolve the Spyware issues.)

Red Rose Forest said...

Hi there

These pics of Dunham Massey in the snow are lovely. I work for an organisation called Red Rose Forest - we are an environmental regeneration charity which works across Greater Manchester including Trafford. I was wondering if you might possibly be willing to let us use one of your winter pics from Dunham Massey for our E-Christmas card this year? I am really struggling to find a decent local snowy/woodland pic and came across your pic while searching the web.
If you want to know more about us please visit

Phreerunner said...

That's no problem Red Rose. I've emailed your 'team' accordingly.