Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Friday, 25 February 2011

Wednesday 23 February 2011 – A Slide Show – ‘Far West of the USA, from Arches to Yosemite’

Sue and I were pleased to be asked by Stockport Walking Group to present our fourth slide show to them tonight.

We had originally planned to cover more, but in preparing the material we realised that we couldn’t do justice to the content in just one hour, so we hope we didn’t disappoint the thirty strong audience by leaving the National Parks accessed via San Francisco – Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia, to another time.

Our trip to the USA in September 2003 saw us landing at Las Vegas and heading off to Zion,

Zion National Park - The Narrows

then Bryce Canyon,

Bryce Canyon National Park

then Arches, via Moab,

Arches National Park - North Window and South Window

then Canyonlands,

Canyonlands from near Dead Horse Point

and finally – via Monument Valley and Navajo – The Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon, from the North Rim

This was an old fashioned slide show, with images from before the days of good digital cameras, and I think that the quality of those images is better than the ones in our digital slide shows. But, they can’t be cropped or blown up, and we seem to take a better ‘range’ of pictures with the digital cameras.

Anyone wishing to see this show would be most welcome. There are 100 images, it takes less than an hour, and we have lots of maps and additional information that may be of interest to anyone considering a visit to these National Parks. We enjoy doing this, and don’t make any charge.


afootinthehills said...

I assume from what you say that these photos are scanned from slides Martin.

If so, they've come out well. I too think my slides are generally of better quality than the digital ones, although admittedly the former were taken mostly with a Pentax SLR whereas the digital camera is a compact.

A new-style blog and very appealing! I've been thinking about changing also and thought about kicking off 2011 with a new one - but I've grown quite attached to my current template.
Sad or not!?

Louise said...

Ooo! Someone's been tinkering! Nice job, photos aren't bad either. The Grand Canyon eh. Not jealous. Nope. Not me.

Phreerunner said...

Thanks Gibson, Louise. Gibson, the images were actually taken with our first digital camera - an old 2Mpx Olympus which soon broke. The resolution was poor, and the downloading primitive, hence the photos were hidden in the depths of our hard disc. But for the purpose of the blog they seem fine and didn't need any significant adjustment.

Re the tinkering, I tried to change the blog roll to reveal current posts of interest, as I noticed that quite a few visitors to the Postcard come from that direction, so ... just to be fair...
but I played with the template and pressed the wrong button! I tried to get the old one back but I couldn't find it! I think I'll stick with this, but I need to change the header and footer images and tweak it a bit more. At least it enables slightly wider images to be loaded. But beware, Gibson - perhaps set up a dummy blog and play with the templates before you make big changes - you use the same template as my old one, which I liked.

You should visit the Grand Canyon, Louise....

afootinthehills said...

You can't get the old one back I don't think. You're supposedly able to back-up the old one before changing which I did as an experiment some time ago, but when I tried to get it back I couldn't. Since then I've stopped 'tinkering'!

Phreerunner said...

I've now played with the images and am now happier with the new look. It also means I can increase the image sizes from 400 to 550 pixels.
Can anyone guess the location of any of the images, I wonder?