Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Thursday 29 September 2011 – Stumpy Bites Back

Stumpy, Martin's 'new' 5 year old Specialised Stumpjumper Comp
I chose the ‘Big Macc Ramble’ as a first outing for my ‘new’ mountain bike, Stumpy (pictured above), acquired a month ago on the August Bank Holiday weekend.  It’s a route that I’ve done many times, although not so often in recent years.  It has one or two vaguely technical descents that should have brought the best out of the full suspension and left me with a good feeling about the new acquisition.

But Stumpy didn’t play ball.  After 5km of steepish ascent the bike got fed up with its new owner.  The chain broke.  I should have known how to mend it, and I probably have a suitable tool, but it’s a first for me to have a chain failure – in all its thousands of miles the Trail Breaker’s chain has never broken.  Stumpy’s chain was exceedingly oily, so I cut my losses and free wheeled back down the hill to Trentabank.

So my first trip on Stumpy was a mere 10km, with 300 metres of ascent, in an hour and twenty minutes.

My confidence is dented, especially as the disc brakes were squealing like a demented batchelor, so I’m getting it serviced before venturing out again.

On the positive side, some steep steps encountered on the free wheel descent would have been a serious challenge for me on the old steel bike, but Stumpy took them in his stride.

It was a lovely afternoon – here’s the view of Tegg’s Nose from Teggsnose Reservoir.

Tegg's Nose, from Teggsnose Reservoir

The view across the fields towards Macclesfield Forest seemed very ‘pastoral’.

A view towards Macclesfield Forest from below Tegg's Nose

Here’s Stumpy, shortly before the hill that broke him.

On Tegg's Nose Trail 
Ho hum, but not so bad really, I’d much prefer my equipment to break than the other way around!


Alan Sloman said...

Stumpy and Miss Whiplash, both broken by heartless Challengers.

Both needing surgery...

Get better, Stumpy!

Phreerunner said...

Thank you, Alan, on behalf of Stumpy, who hasn't got his Google ID yet (I'm withholding it until he promises not to be naughty).

The 'Nigger in the Woodpile' (can we still use that saying) appears to be Tarmac, which features in both Stumpy's and Tini's accidents, and certainly in my earlier incident, where Richard's first aid kit, especially the steri-strips, proved effective in preventing me from bleeding to death!

BrextonT said...

Is Stumpy going to be be given a chance of redemption at Calderdale Mountain Bike Marathon on Sunday? On Line entries available until Thursday at £15.75 and also available on the day at £20 per person but with no guarantee of a commemorative t-shirt.

Phreerunner said...

Robert, Stumpy is in disgrace and will not be allowed out again until after his full medical, which takes place the day after the CMBM.

My entry has not been wasted, though, as Shogun - whilst in need of a service himself, has agreed to Break Trail in what will be his 10th CMBM. He tells me he can find his way round with his calipers shut, but "don't expect any records, I'm getting a bit long in the tooth!"