Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Friday, 28 October 2011

A Trip to Scotland, and Other Stuff

I'm in the car with Graham and Sue, on our way to the annual TGO Challengers reunion in Fort William.
It's a social trip, but should include a bit of walking, possibly of the damper variety. Though it's a lovely day today.

Postings have been sparse lately, partly due to my spending ages 'processing' around 1500 images from our recent trip to Turkey. The pictures are needed for Wednesday's (2 November) slide show for Stockport Walking Group. They have now been culled to about 150, so there are just about 50 more to be removed. All of you are welcome - 8pm at Hazel Grove Civic Centre.

Yesterday I became aware that Google Chrome is indicating to visitors that I may be spreading malware due to embedded material from 'Northern Walker'. This may be of interest to other outdoors bloggers, especially those who have 'Northern Walker' on their blogroll. I can't recall the name of the 'Northern Walker' blogger. I never met him, and I don't think he has made any postings for some time. His site may be the victim of hackers. The problem for me seems to stem from the presence of my blogroll link, which I have now deleted. But it could take Google some time to spot that the danger has gone, so readers may continue to receive the warning message. Ho hum. Observations from those more computer literate than me would be welcome, but I really don't think I'm spreading malware through this blog.

On a happier note, some goodies arrived this morning - a new camera (Canon G12) and a new GPS (Satmap Active 10). Whether or not they get used this weekend will depend on a few factors, eg my ability to charge the batteries. Also being used for the first time this weekend is a Lowe Alpine Nanon rucksack that I've been sent for review. Whilst I hope this will replace my not very durable Go-Lite Quest backpacking rucksack, this weekend I'll be using it as a day sack.

I'll report back on all of the above in due course. As today's sunny Lancashire countryside is flashing past at a rather rapid rate, the picture is from one of the summer's Alpine trips - fun on a glacier, on the Haute Route. Oh dear, that's another slide show that needs to be created...

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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GeoffC said...

I just tried your blog in Google Chrome and sure enough it gave me the scary warning, however there was no warning when visiting my blog where I also have a link to Northern Walker.

It's almost certainly because you have an incorrect link to his blog:- you have 'www dot northernwalker dot com', but it should be 'northernwalker dot wordpress dot com'.

The wrong link is still there in your blog page source code.

Phreerunner said...

Thanks Geoff, I'll try to sort out the problem when I get home on Monday. I thought I'd deleted the link, but it looks as if I need to try to delve into the actual code.

Alan R said...

I like my active 10 in the main although the battery cradle is a bit of a pain in the bum. Especially when you have to change it in the field.
I would recommend getting a spare Lipol battery. The battery connector is also a bit fiddly and i use an automotive fuse puller to remove it.
It's good fun otherwise.
Hope you had a good weekend up north.

Phreerunner said...

Geoff, I've found the offending source code, but can't for the life of me work out how to delete it!

Alan, I'll be trying out the Satmap this week - it'll be interesting to compare notes sometime.

BrextonT said...

One you have removed the link you can ask Google to reidex your site.

Alan R said...

Take no notice of video’s on You Tube showing the unit immersed or what the paperwork says about water resistance. This GPS is NOT waterproof and is barely showerproof.
My advice is always treat it as completely non waterproof. Water and electrical componants do not mix.
Buy a decent clear not opaque waterproof bag such as Aquapac or similar. They are a bit expensive but i believe it’s a worthy buy.
I bought the Gelert waterproof bags which are cheaper and work but they are opaque and i wish i had bought the clear aquapac now.
My unit got drowned inside my waterproof jacket and the screen looked like a miniature swimming pool. I thought it was doomed but it revived. Be warned.

Phreerunner said...

Thanks Alan

I was thinking of using an Ortlieb A6 'waterproof'. At least the buttons on the Satmap look as if they can be operated ok from such a bag.

Right, back to trying to resolve the 'Northern Walker' link nightmare - I'm baffled by the fact that I can remove the visible link by editing the blogger design, but the bad link remains hidden in the web code you can view when you right click on the blogger web page. I can't seem to find a way of removing the offending code and I don't understand the 'webspeak' in the link provided by Robert. Meanwhile, Google Chrome no doubt continues to tell my visitors that my site may contain malware, without the courtesy of informing me of this problem (not of my making) or advising on how I can resolve it. I suppose the problem is that the blog is hosted on a Google website. If it was my own website I would simply delete the offending very small section of code.
Ho hum.