Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Day out with Susan and Roy

Susan and Roy on Trail 36 near Meech Lake

Readers may recall that we met Susan and Roy on the TGO Challenge in 2008.  We’ve subsequently become good friends and occasionally meet up, albeit they live in Connecticut, some distance from Timperley.

Anyway, they happen to be in Ottawa for Saturday’s Loppet, and are staying in Chelsea.  So with Ken and Helen both at work, and Sue safely tucked up at home in Timperley, they were the obvious choice of companions for me today.

We duly went to P11 – a car park by Meech Lake - and enjoyed a slither along trail 36 to Herridge Cabin, which was deserted apart from a roaring fire.  Two French snowshoers eventually arrived.  It’s unusual to have this popular cabin, only 5 km from P16, to oneself.  The icy trails must be putting people off – it hasn’t snowed properly for about a month, and the trails are showing it.

Old snow, and ice crystals, tend to remove any wax applied to your skis fairly rapidly, and today Susan and Roy had to re-wax three times (see picture below) during our 20 km pootle.  At least there were sunny intervals, and we had the trail to ourselves.

Re-waxing skis on the icy tracks

That’s it for today; Ken is having a little celebration, and guests are expected, so the big silver button on this contraption will soon be pressed…

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