Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Friday 28 December 2012 - Silverdale

J, R and S by Arnside Tower

We chose to venture out on this walk despite a dire weather forecast.  We had planned it, so we were going.  The short itinerary enabled a lie in before we struggled up the M6 motorway with R and J in driving rain.

Leighton Moss RSPB reserve was our starting point, and after taking advantage of their café we managed to delay the start of our exercise until after 11 o’clock. 

We were soon loitering on Silverdale Golf Course, somewhat puzzled by the fact that our waterproofs were superfluous due to the rain having ceased just as we had set out.  Perhaps that was because of Richards energetic ‘Canute’ impersonations, though they had at first seemed more like futile efforts to chase ducks.

A good path beside Hawes Water on well wired boarding helped preserve our clean looks, and it wasn’t until we reached Arnside Tower, pictured above, that we hit the expected mud.

Low cloud hung over the village of Silverdale as we descended to Elmslack, where Richard and Sue vied for favours.

“Mine’s bigger than yours!” bragged Richard, producing one of his stock phrases.


The tide was in at the Cove.  Sue went to check and confirmed it wasn’t a mirage, whilst I wrestled with a wobbly horizon.

Silverdale Cove

We hastened on to the Silverdale Hotel in a bid for sustenance.  This was a good move and we enjoyed the warm atmosphere and hot food for a good hour before stumbling along the path to Woodwell on the now gloomy afternoon.

But at least it wasn’t raining!

We admired the well that used to provide Silverdale with its water supply.  The water looked excellent.

Parked outside Gibraltar Farm was a purring beast, vibrating slightly but running with an odourless clear exhaust, unlike some of our absent friends.

A tractor, in use at Gibraltar Farm

A little further on we passed the renovated lime kiln at Jack Scout.  Apparently they tried to get it going after its renovation in 1985, but it obstinately refused to withdraw from retirement (I can empathise with that!).

Sue then headed relentlessly towards the beach and splodged through puddles whilst the rest of us slithered over some decidedly awkward rocks.

Eventually we reconvened by the chimney at Jenny Brown's Point.

The chimney at Jenny Brown's Point

"We need to be back by dusk" the others muttered, glancing at the soggy path alongside the salt marshes beside Morecambe Bay.  And off they strode, returning to Leighton Moss in plenty of time to purchase provisions for the ravenous tits and blackbirds that seem to rely on our garden scatterings version of a ‘soup’ kitchen.

Here’s our route: about 13km, with 200 metres ascent, taking 4½ hours including that long adjournment for lunch.

Our route: 13km, 200 metres ascent, 4.5 hours

There’s a slide show with a few more images – here.


Alan R said...

Love the tractor pic.
This is what i/we call a lo-line machine. It was built in Stretford Manchester and has a number of changes.
It’s a 30E Industrial or farm handler i can’t quite tell without the bodywork.
What i can be sure of is that the yellow power train was sprayed in Manchester but silver wheels were never fitted as far as i recall and it didn’t leave the factory with that seat. It’s being used as a slurry shifter and it’s in good nick.
It might have had a cab in a former life,
Did i mention the walk? Oh yes, you were lucky with the weather. Nice walk for a rotten misty day like today.

Sir Hugh said...

At Arnside Tower you were within 1.38km of my abode - pity you could have called for a cup-a. I have walked all the paths you describe probably hundreds of times and never take any of it for granted. It's Interesting to notice your comment about not too much mud, after so much despairing about it recently in various quarters - our limestone geology does fare a bit better than others in these wet conditions.

Phreerunner said...

Brilliant Alan - you are a mine of information. That tractor seemed in really good nick, as you say, purring gently.
Shame we didn't pop in Conrad, and we managed to avoid the mud pretty well today (9 Jan) as well. I don't know where you were, Alan, but there were some fine sunny views above about 400 metres....

Alan R said...

When i opened the curtains this morning at 8 the view was about 100 yds. It cleared around 11.
Diid you go on the LDWA walk today?

Phreerunner said...

I was up Calf Top with a TGO Challenge friend. Great views!

Alan R said...

Oh yes. Sorry Martin i did get your email, thanks. Time flies.
Thats good re the views. Look forward to the pics.