Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Saturday 10 August 2013 - Pyrenees GR10 - Day 57 - Amélie-les-Bains

Weather: sunny and hot

Last night was spent most enjoyably with a 'blast from the past', David, and his wife Jan. 

You may recall that the first week of our trip was spent walking in the rain with David and his pal John. 

Last night David and Jan kindly accepted an invitation to join me for dinner, and they even more kindly relieved me of a box of camping gear. 

It felt deceptively light. I'm sure that it must have been more than the two kilos that David thought he was taking home. He is of course now committed to meeting me in Banyuls in a few days time in order to repatriate said box. 

Anyway, we had a most pleasurable evening and I'm pleased to report that David's poorly foot that, combined with the snow conditions on GR10, resulted in an early bath for him and John, is now better. 

I wonder whether they will continue the adventure next year?

This morning was spent exploring the environs of Amélie. Then Nathalie provided an excellent lunch at the campsite, and this afternoon my remaining items of clothing have been thoroughly washed and I've enjoyed watching another Mo Farah triumph.

Dinner at Hotel le Regina's good restaurant will follow.  Nathalie will join me, so this off-route rest day will be rather more sociable than expected. 

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afootinthehills said...

Enjoy the last part of your journey Martin. I look forward to seeing your photographs - when whittled down from 3000!

Anonymous said...

Hé oui : very soon Banyuls > That feels the happy end of this great adventure...
what a pity > We are soon going to close the last page of the beautiful story of " Martin tras los Pirineos "!
and we'll terribly miss our friendly hero daily reports.......
Chantal and Joel

Phreerunner said...

And I will miss the regular comments from Chantal and Joel! But the story, or different ones, will continue from the UK, so it will be nice to keep in touch.
The Mediterranean weather is lovely today. P&Y will also be enjoying it, and they will be well cared for tonight.
Have fun