Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Saturday 2014 - Lakes - Day 2

The night we spent at SD 161 968 was perfectly clear and calm. But not dark,  on account of the moon.

Great, and I was far enough from Alan's snoring not to be disturbed. Though I did endure some rather too vivid dreams.

We lay in bed as the sun warmed our tents, then breakfasted and were off at 9.20, passing the rocks of Charity Chair before arriving at the lofty summit of Stoneside Hill after ten minutes walking. 

Then, on our way to cross a minor road we met a few folk who were probably off up Black Coombe. After that we met just three people all day - fell runners on Hesk Fell - though others were seen in the distance. 

We soon discovered what would dominate the day. Fine views, especially across the central Lakeland fells from Pillar to Dow Crag, wall to wall sunshine,  and a cold easterly wind that required at least two layers of clothing all day. 

We strolled during the course of our eight hour walk, over Great Paddy Crag, Kinmont Buck Barrow,  Buck Barrow, Plough Fell, Burn Moor, Whitfell (at 572 metres our high point of the day), Stainton Pike, Hesk Fell (an outlier like Kinmont and Plough, enabling us to dump our packs and take a break from load carrying), Yoadcastle, Woodend Height, White Pike and The Knott. So many hills, but only about 750 metres ascent in total. Alan and Sheila are pictured at one of these many summits.

There were lots of nesting birds about today - skylarks,  meadow pipits and wheatears in particular, with noisy geese on Devoke Water. Luckily we didn't disturb any nests, if anything protecting them from scavenging crows.

At 5pm we reached the boggy shore of Devoke Water, and our first proper streams of the day. At SD 161 968, shortly before the boathouse, a babbling brook and flat expanse of grass duly obliged and we set up camp in the strong breeze.

Then the wind dropped, resulting in another idyllic camping spot and a lovely sunset over the lake, enjoyed in the peace of our own company after some brave swimmers had left the vicinity of the boathouse. 

Our campsite, and the sunset, should also be pictured.

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