Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Taste of the C2C Path - Shap to Richmond - Day 5

Reeth to Richmond - 20 km, 500 metres ascent, 6.6 hours. 

(A and D - 13 km)

There were lots more people on the paths today, and yesterday in particular, on two wonderfully sunny days. 

Sue and I were dropped off in Reeth, then A and D gave themselves a 5 km start by driving to Marrick.

It was a beautiful walk along the riverside (pictured) to Marrick Priory, an ancient place now converted to an outdoor education centre. From there, a perfectly formed sunken lane headed up the Nuns' Steps to the nondescript hamlet of Marrick. Then the path to Marske undulated over high ground with views towards the tall spike of Hutton's Monument. A lovely stroll.

Once in Marske, accidentally reached via the road rather than by the footpath through Clints, we discovered Anna mooching around St Edmund's church. An interesting place with boxed pews. Meanwhile, Dale enjoyed a snooze in the shade of a wall next to a horse mounting whatdoyoucallit.

The full C2C team then proceeded to romp into Richmond along delightful paths through fields with barns (pictured) and lanes through pleasant woodland overlooking the town. 

Lunch was taken in the shade of one of the many yew trees that grace Applegarth Scar, after Dale had fallen awkwardly on his ankle. He managed to stumble valiantly on to reach Richmond by 4pm, where we enjoyed celebratory tea and cake at the end of this five day C2C taster.

Well done to both Anna and Dale, neither of whom had done anything like this before, for reaching the objective. The ramparts of Richmond are pictured high above the easily fordable river from Richmond Bridge, over which I crossed to collect our car from the other side of a caravan park via the excellent path along the south bank.

All in all an excellent trip in the best of company. Thanks go to all the participants and 'occasional visitors', as well as Brenda, Robert and Sheila at the B&Bs.

Finally, as promised, here's a list of some of the flowers we think we saw:

Autumn Crocus
Bell Heather
Buttercup (various)
Common Nettle
Enchanters Nightshade
Eyebright (Common and Dwarf)
Field Scabious
Forgetmenot (various)
Great Burnet
Great Willowherb
Hawkweed (various)
Herb Robert
Himalayan Balsam
Lady's Mantle
Lesser Stitchwort
Marsh Marigold
Meadow Cranesbill
Monkey Flower
Pale Persicaria
Ragwort (Common)
Red Campion
Red Clover
Ribwort Plantain
Rosebay Willowherb
Salad Burnet
Self heal
Spurge (Sun?)
Thistle (Meadow)
Umbellifers (various)
Water Mint
White Clover
Yellow Corydalis

Field mushrooms (found on the path to Marrick and in the church yard at Marske) and a variety of Ceps. The former were taken home and enjoyed for supper.

A slideshow should follow in due course. 


wuxing said...

Thanks for this account - brought back memories of a Pennine Way adventure years ago - pints of Old Peculiar straight from the barrel, while playing fireside dominoes in Muker. Woke to snow on the tent (and frozen boots) the following morning.

Phreerunner said...

Good to hear from you Nick.
We were the wrong side of the river to stop at the pub in Muker, but we did drive past it a few times. I remember the trudge to the pub, difficult driving conditions, beer from the barrel and frozen boots, though not on a Pennine Way trip - we often camped at Muker after leaving UMIST.