Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Thursday, 13 October 2016

From a Roving Correspondent: Random Tractors of Europe (3)


It’s a quiet week in Timperley, but one of my roving correspondents has been out tractor spotting again. The top picture reminds me of my parking technique when I had a job as a fork lift truck driver in a steel foundry. The vehicle had been rescued from a scrapyard and had no handbrake.

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AlanR said...

A mcCormick 353 built between 1967 and 1972. Only 26hp. Very unusual cab on that, probably home made.
And funnily enough they are/were owned by the Case company as per your 2nd photo. (I don't like Case as a company).
Very nice photo's though from your roving reporter.

Phreerunner said...

Thanks Alan, but don't give my Roving Reporter too much encouragement, I might get swamped by tractor memorabilia!