Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Friday, 8 September 2017

A Canadian Adventure - Day 36

Thursday 7 September 2017


We got used to the increasingly intermittent noise and slept in until 9 am. A rest day was decreed.

A morning of minor domestic duties, mainly involving sitting in the sun in our comfy camp chairs, culminated in 25 minutes of exercise before a tuna mayo lunch.

The resident squirrels were over us like a rash - can you spot one in the first picture?

After the short drive to town we spent the afternoon wandering around in high heat on a smoky day. A highlight was the beautifully wood panelled natural history museum, wherein many of the exhibits in the zoo next door that closed in 1937 are preserved for posterity.

Across the road, Jump Start café provided a refuge for us to enjoy a cold drink and a WiFi connection. For the record, Sue has emailed our car hire company for a copy of the new contract that replaced the original one after 30 days, but no reply has been forthcoming.

Next stop, after an assessment of the hostelries of Banff. And on the whole these are expensive eateries. The place is similar in some ways to Cortina, where the back street restaurants give best value. Our Kamloops experience stood us in good stead. We selected St James's Gate Olde Irish Pub, and enjoyed fish and chips/chicken pie and a beer, for $40 including the tip. That's good value here. We've got to like these Irish bars for early evening eating, with their muted TVs and their gentle music. This one was like a bigger version of Ken and Helen's local pub in Ottawa.

A supermarket provided our last port of call before adjourning, fully provisioned for the next few days, to a relaxing evening at camp despite the smell of smoke. There was a curious sculpture outside the supermarket - 'Mountain Camp 2008' by Susan Dewiler. This is shown in today's last picture, all of which were taken at camp or around Banff.

We've seen a vague outline of some hills today, but everything is shrouded in smog as thick as that in Vancouver when we arrived five weeks ago, so we don't feel we've missed out on a good walk.

It seems quieter than last night. Very pleasant in fact.

4.2 km in 25.10 and about 2 km around Banff.

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wuxing said...

Very generous of you to share your breakfast with the squirrels Martin. Apparently they're very good with sate sauce :-)