Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Friday, 13 October 2017

Thursday 12 October 2017 – Tia Brazda at Lancaster Music Festival


I doubt many readers will have heard of Tia Brazda. Conrad and I went down to the Wagon & Horses pub in Lancaster to see her perform. Here’s what the flier said:

”Tia Brazda has established herself as a sparkling presence on the jazz scene in Canada and beyond, performing from Montreal to Paris to Amsterdam, and at such notable festivals as the Vancouver International Jazz, Toronto International Jazz and Bestival (UK). Her debut EP, Cabin Fever burst onto the scene in February 2012, hitting #1 on the iTunes Canada Jazz chart as well as receiving play on CBC Radio 1, Jazz FM 91.1 and college radio stations across Canada. Originally from Vancouver, but having honed her cutting-edge sound in the clubs of Toronto, Tia’s sassy songs and pin-up girl style have made a startling impression, paying homage to the golden era while still remaining daringly modern.”

The venue wasn’t ideal, but considering the fact that Tia had just arrived from Canada, and had never met any of her band members, who indeed had never met each other before, until the morning of the gig, everything went remarkably well, with both the band and the audience appearing to enjoy themselves.

They are performing at different venues (here’s the schedule) for four nights, culminating with The Sphere on Sunday. If you get the chance, I commend a visit.

Some readers will recognise the guitarist. Well done Mike, you came through that challenge with flying colours.


Michael Banfield said...

Thanks for coming down and supporting us dad, you too Conrad. It was quite a whirlwind of different venues over that weekend of the Lancaster music festival, it was great fun though.

Phreerunner said...

We enjoyed it Mike. Well done! I wonder whether Tia managed to do a better introduction than "My name is Tia Brazda, and This (with a sweeping smiling action) is My Band." Hopefully she got to learn your names...