Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Saturday 20 October 2018 – Wythenshawe parkrun number 361


As usual, when we are at home in Timperley, Saturday morning was spent at our local parkrun. A lovely morning it was too, and the freshly mown grass made the course a little quicker than last week, though I don’t really know how I managed to shave two minutes of last week’s time!

No gazebo was necessary on such a warm, calm morning.

Fast Ken (he has a time of 20.49 for the 5 km in the 70-74 age group) arrived in plenty of time to learn his script for marshalling at the middle bridge. That meant cajoling the runners and selecting victims for a wide range of graphic insults.

Thanks for your wonderful support, Ken!


Matteo always arrives early, on a posh bike, and generally takes about 20 minutes for the run before shooting off home. So we only see him at the start, pretending to confuse people by way of pouring out rapid bursts of pidgin English.


‘Some Bloke’ also turned up with his bag of bananas and carefully disguised false arm.


Yawndy wasn’t looking very energetic today. He eventually stumbled round, taking care to stay ahead of Slow Syd. Oops, I shouldn’t insult him, he kindly bought us coffees after the run… Thanks Yawndy.


Anxious Alan addressed the masses from the towering height of an improvised footstool, before dashing off to clear some loose horses from the track. He’s a stalwart of the event. I hope he appreciated the cake I took along for the sole purpose of getting him through the stresses and strains of the morning.


Other contestants had arrived from as far off as South Africa. Various of the Rogues pictured below had to explain that “It’s Not a Race”.


Eventually we got under way on the two lap course. Here’s Martha, speeding at a pace too fast for my S5 camera. She must have been on call.


Just behind Martha, the Battle of the Buggies was taking place. It’s not a race, but my money is on the aerodynamic team on the right taking victory. By finishing inside 27 minutes they are actually travelling faster than most men, albeit the fastest pushchair, with two children on board, finished inside 22 minutes.


So that’s it for another Saturday morning. It was good to see you all, and I hope you take the comments above in the spirit in which they are intended. The results are here, should anyone be interested.

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